Jam Cruise Files: Brock Butler

Hidden Track: What’s your favorite Jam Cruise moment?

Brock Butler: I’ll give two, because that is how great Jam Cruise  is, too many to narrow to just one. Playing in the Jam Room with Garrett Sayer and Jon Fishman. I never thought watching a Phish show 10 years prior , I would be in any circumstance where I would be sitting right next to the man playin’ away. Garrett is also a delight with whom I just did a three-day run in Colorado .

The other would be every sit in with Franti, you never know how someone will respond when you ask if they are into sit-ins. From the first time, to when he remembered me the next cruise, was a nice feeling. To feel truly invited rather than shuffled through as a chore.

HT: Are there any artists on this year’s cruise that you are especially looking forward to interacting with?

BB: I’d like to just chat with Medeski, Robert Randolph is another. Always quite a list, it’s tough to narrow it down. STS9 could be dangerous, the hull might shake clean off.

HT: Any advice for those attending the cruise for the first time?

BB: First timers , have the greatest time ever. Don’t miss the ports, ( I have before) I always end up envious of everyone’s stories and photos and wish I hadn’t been so lazy dehydrated or hungover etc. Have the greatest time of your life. See music the only way it can be seen regarding interaction of musicians and the audience. DIG IT THE MOST!

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  1. Brock in the Jamroom on the last night of JC7 is one of the best performances I have seen out of any one ever.

    He played Queen Bee for Amy when she asked him. His response was just a smile and “sure, why not” and then went right into it.

    He is to Jamcruise what Cousin Eddie is to National Lampoons Vacation: essential and horribly dressed.

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