Pullin’ ‘Tubes: Running On Empty

It had been about a year and a half since I first caught former Blips act White Denim opening for the one-time blog buzz band Tapes N Tapes at Irving Plaza. At the time, the Austin-based trio had barely an EP to their name and while a bit sloppy showed a lot of potential for a such a young act. Since then the band has gone on to release three full-length albums in that short span that showcase their brand of psychedelic-garage-prog-punk.

It was hard to believe that I was seeing the very same band when I caught their recent headlining set at the Music Hall Of Williamsburg. White Denim’s hour long set was a bombastic assault of shredding guitar work, propulsive drumming and bouncy bass lines that opened with a non-stop, 20-minute-plus segue of songs. The band dropped their third full-length – Fits – in late October, which is sure to end up on a number of Best Of lists. Check out the completely bizarre, post-apocalyptic video for I Start To Run…

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