Pullin’ ‘Tubes: U-Melt Preps Perfect World

In the three years since U-Melt released their last album, The I’s Mind, the New Yorkers have debuted – and road-tested – a batch of inventive compositions that are just screaming for the studio treatment. We’ll get our chance to see how ten of these songs turned out when Harmonized Records releases U-Melt’s third studio album, Perfect World, on February 23.

While most of U-Melt’s songs have more twists and turns than an episode of Mad Man, the title track of the new album is a straight-forward ballad with inspired lyrics and beautiful three-part harmonies. George Miller’s earnest vocal delivery, Zac Lasher’s delicate synth soundscapes and guitarist Rob Salzer’s soulful shredding all help make Perfect World a winner.

Until we get to hear how the quartet interpreted Perfect World in the studio they built in Brooklyn, we can still dig on the live versions such as this one from April 12, 2008 that was filmed by videographer Ali Holmes…

U-Melt will hit the road hard starting in February, but for now your only chance to catch them is at Sullivan Hall in New York City on Dec. 4.

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