Phish @ Charlottesville: Setlist

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  1. I was at this show, it was my first Phish show.

    The snow was beautiful, im a little sick now because I got wet and it was very cold.

    Great party in the parking lot before and after the show alot better then hampton ( alot of peole got arrested )

    I busted the cover of two under cover cops, I confronted them about not having tickets and they wouldnt buy any, so they shouldent be there.

    Sometime in the show they were jamming and it sounded like a AC/DC Bag rift or somthing, because the crowd liked that song alot it seemed, so they did a tease of it again. I know i liked it alot.

    And the naked guy was very very funny, he circled the stage twice and hid behind Trey. Im glad he wasent there to hurt them, because he could have easly killed them, or really hurt them. But he got to hug, and shake treys hand, and they did changed the lyrics for him so he more a less got what he want.

    The security really messed up some how though I bet they feel dumb.

    Phish invaded Charlottesville and it was amazing.

  2. I’ve seen many many Phish shows since 1996, this was one of the best! The whole atmosphere was relaxed, security minimal, good scene (although the lot is different than in the 90’s, but still cool) and what a tight setlist!

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