Bloggy Goodness: See Syd Play

After lying in a private collection for over 40 years, some extremely rare footage of Syd Barrett performing with Pink Floyd has been unearthed and restored and will be screened as part of the British Film Institute’s annual Missing Believed Wiped event next month in London.


The found footage is from the seminal psychedelic band’s July 1967 appearance on Top Of The Pops where they played See Emily Play and hasn’t been seen since the show’s original airing.

Finally, For those of you (like me) that haven’t made your way over to the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame’s Annex your window of opportunity is quickly coming to an end. As the Hall’s downtown New York outpost will be shutting its doors on January 3 of next year. The Hall currently features an exhibit on John Lennon’s NYC years, and if that not motivation enough check out Ryan’s review from his visit earlier this year.

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  1. Unfortunately, this will probably not be footage of them “playing” See Emily Play. As documented in several Floyd histories, the band was required to lip-synch on TOTP — Syd was NOT happy doing it. Still, it’s historic footage, documenting a time when the band was on the rise as Syd was just starting to fracture.

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