Last Week’s Sauce: Nov. 30th – Dec. 6th

Artist & Title: The Mountain Goats – Enoch 18:14
Date & Venue: 2009-12-01 Webster Hall, New York NY
Taper & Show Download: bluesmer

There are a couple of good reasons you should see The Mountain Goats live: The first is simply that John Darnielle is a great songwriter and singer, one of the best “screamers” of our generation. The second is that he’s a fascinating individual and the banter between his songs is often worth the price of admission alone. For this track he explains where he stole the chorus for this track off this bonus track for his 2009 album The Life Of The World To Come (Amazon MP3 Exclusive Version). I missed him this tour, but my friend Indie Dan informed me the show was great and that Darnielle was playing a lot of piano on the new material – as he does on this track. The Mountain Goats next play at the Second City Theatre in Chicago for a concert titled Letters To Santa.


Here is Darnielle playing guitar on this great tune off his 2003 release Tallahassee:

Artist & Title: Phish – First Tube
Date & Venue: 2009-12-04 Madison Square Garden, New York NY
Taper & Show Download: taylorc

A lot has been said about the energy of Madison Square Garden over the years. After the third show, everyone I seemed to talk to had the same basic thing to say about energy, that the place almost took off during First Tube. It’s reasons like this that we appreciate still having tapers around despite the world of SBD downloads available for purchase 30 minutes after the show.

This performance was especially nice for me because I was pretty surprised that the band managed to fuck up this song so badly in Syracuse earlier on in the tour. Side Note: I think you can see Trey mouth something over to Mike as they approach the section they basically forgot in ‘Cuse. Phish plays next at the American Airlines Arena in Miami for their New Year’s run.


Some video. Gotta love Page stretching the ‘ol knuckles at the 3:30 mark.

Artist & Title: Ryan Montbleau Band – Try A Little Tenderness
Date & Venue: 2009-12-04 Pearl Street, Northampton MA
Taper & Show Download: Frank D’Auria

The Ryan Montbleau Band welcomes guitarist Johnny Trama and vocalist Jesse Dee for this Otis Redding classic. For me, all I can ever think about when I hear this song is the movie The Commitments, and if you’ve ever been a band – or hell are just simply a music fan (and you must be because you’re reading this deep into a Last Week’s Sauce), you must see this movie. RMB play tomorrow night at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC.


Artist & Title: Steve Kimock’s Crazy Engine – Hillbillies On PCP
Date & Venue: 2009-12-03 Sullivan Hall, New York NY
Taper & Show Download: Scott Bernstein

At this post-Phish show, and I think it’s funny Steve Kimock plays these events a lot, longtime Kimock collaborator bassist Bobby Vega joins the band for a large portion of the show. This track really gets cooking around the 15-minute mark and it’s really stellar stuff. Kimock next plays December 17th in Santa Cruz CA.


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