God Street Wednesdays: 12/26/1996 Videos

Over the past six months, every time I’ve searched “God Street Wine” on YouTube I never find any new GSW videos. That all changed last week when former GSW crew member – and friend of HT – Michael Weiss uploaded two entire shows to the site. For this week’s God Street Wednesday I put together a playlist of videos from Irving Plaza on December 26, 1996 that were part of the “MWeiss Motherload” that runs in order from the ferocious Wendy opener to high-energy Henrietta that closed set two.

Of particular note – in fact we noted it back in February – is a raucous Goodnight Gretchen that featured a bunch of schwilled out wooks stage diving. Other highlights include a gorgeous cover of The Beatles’ Dear Prudence, a blistering Epiphany and a rockin’ Nightingale. Thanks to Mike for uploading these videos and allowing us to relive these wonderful moments.

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