Brunch With Phil / Phish – Behind The Scenes

It’s always tough to come up with just the right gift for a jam fan, so we thought we’d tell you about two incredible charity auctions for once-in-a-lifetime experiences – a brunch with Phil Lesh and a behind the scenes look at what goes into running a Phish show down in Miami.


Our friends at Charity Folks are auctioning off exclusive access for ten sets of two people to have brunch with Grateful Dead/Furthur bassist Phil Lesh in San Francisco on New Year’s Day. The brunch is expected to be a small gathering, not to exceed 30 people, and will start around 11:30am with proceeds benefiting the Unbroken Chain Foundation. This auction ends on December 21.

For the Phish fan in your life, how about purchasing the Ultimate Phish New Year’s Eve in Miami Package through CharityBuzz? The winner and their guest will get a backstage look at the inner workings of Phish’s 4-night New Year’s run including prime seats at all four shows.

The winner will spend an afternoon learning what it takes to put on a Phish show with the band’s team including the Production Manager, Head of Security, Tour Promoter and a rep from the band’s management team. You’ll also get to grab dinner backstage before the show. The proceeds for this item benefit LIFEbeat and the auction ends on December 21st as well.

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