The Number Line: The Originals

24 (out of 26) Sets that opened with an original song
24:30 – Length of the Longest LivePhish Track From Fall Tour (11/28 – Seven Below)
20 – Songs Making Their 2009 Debut on Fall Tour (Home Place, Glide, Scents, Peaches, NCane, Weigh, Meat, Crimes, Freebird, Uncle Pen, Vultures, Cool It Down, My Mind, Two Versions, Golden Age, Tomorrow’s Song, Camel Walk, BBFCFM, Ginseng Sullivan, Albuquerque)
13 – Shows Played in the Eastern Time Zone (none outside of EST)
13 – Songs Played in Hampton but not on Fall Tour (I Didn’t Know, Oh Kee Pa, Rift, Grind, Mexican Cousin, All of These Dreams, She Still Thinks, Army of One, CTB, Frankenstein, While My Guitar, Happy Birthday, Contact)
10 – Songs Played at Festival 8, but not on Fall Tour (excludes Exile – Grind, Guelah, Secret Smile, Talk, Rift, McGrupp, My Sweet One, Army of One, Invisible, I Didn’t Know)
8 – Shows that featured an original song as an encore
5 – Shows that featured only originals songs as encores
5 – Times KDF, Cavern, Golgi, Light and Antelope were played (Most Played Originals)
4 – AC/DC Bag Openers
3 – Tweezer Reprises in the Encore Slot
1:08 – Length of the Shortest LivePhish Track From Fall Tour (11/22 – Horse)
1 – Originals Debuted (Tomorrow’s Song)
0 – Shows Played on Monday This Tour
0 – Times Fishman Played the Vacuum This Tour

[Compiled by Andy Kahn, DaveO & ScottyB – Some Stats Taken From ZZYZX’s Phish Stats page and others from Phish.Net’s gap lists and setlists]

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  1. Where was the Walls of the Cave? Where’s Alumni Blues? Fell in a Hole? Tela? Only 1 Sloth, Lizards, Fee in 09. Only 2 “Contacts” ….weird.

    Those are all awesome tunes.

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