The Week That Was: Post-Tour Hangover

Most of the HT Staff dealt with Severe Post-Tour Hangover Syndrome (SPTHS) this week after the end of Phish’s Fall Tour last Saturday night. We dealt with SPTHS the only way we know how, by keeping busy. While most of our articles had nothing to do with Phish, we did run a series of five Number Line articles featuring Fall Tour stats of all shapes and colors.


As you may have noticed we’ve been expanding our scope beyond live music. Every two weeks Randy Ray looks at a movie that may have flown under your radar for his Hidden Flick column. This week’s Hidden Flick profiled a holiday-themed film, The Homecoming, starring Patricia Neal. For our other NMC column, Jon Hochstat – the Hidden Track foodie – takes a drool-inducing look at unique food establishments in NYC, the rest of the country and beyond for his Friday 4 the Foodies column. F4tf was about Fiore’s delicious roast beef sandwiches this week.

We also shared reviews of a fun Phish show in Charlottesville and an underwhelming Furthur performance, remembrances of God Street Wine at Irving Plaza in 1996 and the Albany YEM and looked at five stellar songs for Last Week’s Sauce. Thanks, as always, for reading Hidden Track!

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