Jam Cruise Files: George Porter Jr.

Hidden Track: Are there any artists on this year’s cruise that you are especially looking forward to interacting with?

George Porter Jr.: There are going to be some great sets that are not on anyone’s schedule, like, my plan to get Eric Krasno, Nigel Hall, Adam Deitch and Troy Andrews in the jam room, that is a must (smile). Also, the Fantastic 4 set that I will be playing is going to be killing. On my second cruise, I did a jam with Mike Dillon and Skerik that was off the hook, again not recorded. Maybe that will happen again, (smile) and The Super Jam will be a set to be remembered.

Hidden Track: Do you have any advice for first time cruisers?

George Porter Jr.: Take it slow. You will get around to all of it sooner or later. Try not to burn out too early – there is a lot of music, food and fun. Also if you are there to get hooked up with someone for the rest of your life, they are there too.

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