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The second set picked up right where the first left off, kicking off with Hollingsworth’s Cheese tune, Eye Know Why. After several more electronic, jazz, funk, rock, and bluegrass jams, the set peaked with a cover of the Black Sabbath classic War Pigs. The second set featured more Euforquestra sit-ins from nearly every member of the band before finishing off with another Cheese tune, Bam! The second set had all the energy of the first, but was with far more musical variety in the improvisation.

As great as the second set was, the highlight of the night wouldn’t come until the encore. To close out the night the Hollingsworth and friends led a massive Bealtes and Talking Heads sing-along, playing A Day In The Life > This Must Be The Place > A Day In The Life. It was the perfect mellow way to end such a high-energy evening.


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  1. i can’t imagine that Euforquestra’s set was even close to hard to listen to and that it would be a relief for it to end. i don’t know what makes your opinion any more publishable than any other regular concert goer and music lover, so i just wanted to share that i love this band and i think nonsensical, kick your shoes off and dance your soul off music is quite enjoyable and refreshing compared to so much of the mild, mundane music out there. i personally can’t wait to have a sip of Euforquestra’s Soup this summer, and I encourage everyone to check them out and make your own opinion. peace.

  2. I see well over a hundred shows a year in the Denver/Boulder area, and Euforquestra is a rare gem I stumbled upon accidentally about a year ago and then couldn’t stop dancing to all night. Not only is their music completely original and not generic at all (has this author even heard their Afrobeat stuff?), they are a truly talented and wonderful group of guys who want nothing more than to show us a good time. Maybe the music wasn’t for this writer – I get that not everyone has the same tastes – but to say that it was a relief for the set to be over… well, I just don’t get it. I always feel a huge letdown after a Euforquestra show BECAUSE it’s over. If you’re reading this article, please take the time to form your own opinion – you can download their latest album for free off their website. I can almost guarantee you that once you start playing it, your head will nod and your feet will tap and you’ll have a hard time sitting still. 🙂

  3. I felt just the opposite of the writer. I felt The kyle Hollingsworth Band was pretty stale. I love him with SCI, but this group was very cookie cutter. Obvious lengthy solos from Kyle, songs very similar to each other, not much band to crowd interaction. Although, I loved when the Euforquestra horns and aux perc joined the team. The layering was incredible and exactly what K.H.B. was lacking.

    -Support local music-

  4. I saw Euforquestra for the first time when they opened for KHB at the Fox in Boulder sometime around August. I had never heard of them and had no idea what to expect. I went to that show for Kyle, but I left raving about Euforquestra to anyone who would listen. To say that it was “more or less relieving when the set was finished” is just unneccessarily mean. Also, don’t fun and silly “nonsensical” songs often dominate the jam scene?The last few times I have seen KHB, the set list pretty much mirrored the set list posted in this review, even the covers. Talk about stale…

  5. It’s pretty much unanimous. Jason is a clueless twit that loves to think that there is anyone alive that actually cares about his opinions about what makes a great band.

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