Televised Tune: On the Tube This Week

Elvis Costello does an outstanding job with his weekly Sundance show Spectacle. But this week, the tables will turn on the host when actress Mary-Louise Parker (Weeds, The West Wing) interviews Costello about his career and life. Check out the unique episode on Wednesday at 10PM.


Monday, January 4

  • Michael Jackson: Devotion [Fuse 5PM]
  • Gnarls Barkley: Live at Roskilde 2008 [Palladia 5PM]
  • Classic Albums: Queen, A Night at the Opera [VH1 Classic 7PM]
  • Duran Duran: Behind the Music [Palladia 8PM]
  • Paul McCartney: Live in St. Petersburg [VH1 Classic 10PM]

Tuesday, January 5

  • Johnny Cash: Live at Montreaux 1994 [Ovation 1PM]
  • Lou Reed: Live at Montreaux [Ovation 2PM]
  • Film: La Bamba [Fuse 8PM]
  • Gene Simmons: Biography [BIO 11PM]
  • David Letterman: Vampire Weekend [CBS 11:35PM]

Wednesday, January 6

  • Black Crowes: Unplugged [Palladia 9AM]
  • Woodstock: Then and Now [VH1 Classic 1PM]
  • John Lennon: The US vs. John Lennon [VH1 Classic 6PM]
  • 50 Cent: On the Record [Fuse 9PM]
  • Spectacle w/Elvis Costello: Mary-Louise Parker [Sundance 10PM]

Thursday, January 7

  • Kiss: Kiss Symphony, Alive IV [VH1 Classic 11AM]
  • Pink Floyd: Which Ones Pink? [VH1 Classic 6:30PM]
  • Iron Maiden: Flight 666 [Palladia 9PM]
  • Diana Krall: Live in Paris [Ovation 10PM]
  • Queen: Live at Wembley [VH1 Classic 10PM]

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