Jam Cruise Journal: A Night with OHMphrey


The highlight of my night came after Joel told us they had time for two more songs. Jake plays a chord and my jaw dropped. Was this really happening? Are these guys really going to give Stevie Ray Vaughan’s Lenny a go? Hell fucking yes my friends – OHMphrey tore the shit of Lenny. I hadn’t seen a UM Lenny since 3/11/06 and I went ballistic. Poland took the first solo followed by Joel followed by Pags followed by Jake. Each solo was so intense and beautiful.

It would be a travesty if this band didn’t play together again, they owned it from the minute they stepped on stage. There’s obvious chemistry and I’m glad to report they are recording another album and promise to play more shows. I spoke with the guys for Hidden Track and I’ll get that chat up post-cruise.

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3 thoughts on “Jam Cruise Journal: A Night with OHMphrey

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  2. elhantiri Reply

    ohm rules my friend!! ive been observing chris poland’s work throuhout the years and im proud to be alive and enjoying the delicious art of chris poland&rob pagliari.
    cheers from Morocco.

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