Jam Cruise Journal: Day Two

One of the coolest aspects of Jam Cruise is the interaction with the artists. I was able to walk up about a foot from Brock during his set and he took requests from anyone who would ask. I really wanted to hear him play a Paul Simon song, but I just didn’t want to yell it out. Up next was perhaps the best set of this adventure thus far in the form of The Motet plays the Talking Heads. Dave Watt led a talented ensemble that included Fuzz and his wife Carrie, Liza Oxnard, Joey Porter, Kyle Hollingsworth and Jans Ingber through a lengthy set of TH covers. Ingber’s vocals were right on and Fuzz brought an intensity to this music that was most necessary.


From 8 to 10 is usually a break in the action, giving attendees a chance to hit up the sit-down dinner. There’s nothing like ordering whatever you want from a menu with a group of your buddies at a fine-dining establishment. Don’t like the entree you got? Just order another. There’s no worries on this boat as the staff is ready, willing and able to allay any concerns you may have.

I caught OHMphrey next and look back a few posts for my review of that stellar set. I was beat after 140 minutes of metal, but I persevered and caught a bit of STS9 and The Word’s second sets of the trip. Before I went to bed I made the wise decision to check in on the Jam Room. I came across Matty from the Montbleau Band on bass, Brock Butler and Zach Deputy on guitar and a drummer I didn’t recognize playing a killer I’ll Take You There. There weren’t many people in the Jam Room, so after they finished I yelled “Paul Simon.” The guys on stage were happy to oblige and delivered a gorgeous Diamonds on the Soles of Her Shoes. Brock has such a distinctive style that worked so well on this tune. Ryan Montbleau jumped up to add some vocals putting the finishing touches on one of the most amazing moments of my trip thus far.


At this point it was 4AM and I knew it was time for bed. I hit the hay with the biggest smile and my face and woke up five hours later ready for more. I don’t want to waste much time on this boat sleeping, I’ve got all weekend for that. The action continues today and I’ll aim to get up another report tomorrow at 5PM.

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  1. say hi to my daughter, Sarah, she is a pretty blond and will be with batman at the dress up party.
    have fun, we love all of you young hippies (we had our day , too)

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