Jam Cruise Journal: Sunrise With Brock

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Railroad Earth’s set in the theater was among the best of the weekend thus far thanks to Todd Sheaffer’s heart-felt delivery and the gorgeous music his band mates were laying down. With each passing song more and more folks descended upon the theater to catch Railroad Earth’s set and it didn’t seem like anyone was disappointed.


Time goes quickly on Jam Cruise and all of the sudden it was time for the late night sets. Lotus meshed rock with untz on the Pool Deck, Kras’ Chapter Two showed off guitarist Eric Krasno’s immense skill set in the Zebra Bar and Kyle Hollingsworth rocked out with his solo band in the theater. For a person with ADD music tastes such as myself, you could bounce from set to set with ease often in just a few minutes. There’s no such thing as getting bored on Jam Cruise.

You may have heard of the famed Jam Room and everything you’ve heard is probably true. One random group of killer musicians after another took the Jam Room stage and blew it out, often times with little spoken communication between the performers on stage. Skerik and Mike Dillon kicked things off with some evil grooves before Stanton Moore and George Porter Jr. joined the action.


At this point, we were approaching 4AM and there was no end in sight at the Jam Room. Zach Deputy, the ultimate showman, hopped up along with Brock Butler and a bass player and drummer Deputy and Butler hadn’t met yet. It didn’t matter to any of them as Brock called out changes and the other musicians followed for tasty versions of Superstition and Use Me (yes, another Use Me). In my quest to catch Brock Butler performing every song from Graceland across the ship, we were treated to a hot and heavy That Was Your Mother that had a Zydeco flair. Deputy and Butler each tore into their solos and I’m convinced they are brothers from other mothers.

When we reached 6AM, I decided I needed to head to the Pool Deck to watch the sunrise. As streaks of red shot across the clear sky it truly felt like heaven. There was no lack of revelers to share the experience and after the sun came up I decided to grab a bite to eat and call it a day. My plan worked perfectly until I stumbled across Brock and his female fiddle-playing friend.

I’ve always been a huge fan of Brock’s and catching his solo sets was at the top of my list of must-see moments. What a stroke of luck that I got an extra two hours of Butler delivering one emotion-filled song after another. I was able to cross the title track to Graceland off my list and it was a beaut – complete with backing vocals courtesy of myself and the other Jam Cruisers in attendance. Those who had instruments busted them out and helped accompany Brock as he reeled off the best mix of covers ever including Black Water, Wildflowers, Long May You Run and a Naive Melody blow out that ended things about 40 minutes ago.


As I said, my moment came during It Starts Where It Ends. Off of P Groove’s Live Love Die album, It Starts Where It Ends takes you through every emotion in the course of five minutes and I experienced them all listening to Brock play as we pulled into Grand Cayman. Those of us who were still up knew we were watching something that happens once in a lifetime and exchanged knowing glances with each passing minute. It’s now 9AM and I’m going to take the chance that nothing will happen musically for the next few hours and get some sleep, but knowing Jam Cruise I’m sure I’ll miss something amazing. There’s always something magical happening on the boat.

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21 thoughts on “Jam Cruise Journal: Sunrise With Brock

  1. stealy_fan Reply

    awesome stuff, scotty. Brock kills JC, his acoustic sets always ending high on my list of amazing moments of a surreal week at sea. Continue to enjoy!

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  4. jeff c. Reply

    UNREAL – live it up and drink it in scotty b!

  5. _Goff. Reply

    Lovin these updates Scotty B.! Keep ’em comin! It’s always nice to replace “My Tie” with “Mai Tai” this time of year. Get in done out there in paradise.

    lookin forward to more updates on great/wierd collaborations.

  6. will Reply

    love these posts. I actually saw P Groove a few times this year and actually got to talk to him after the show in orlando.. But what I think was the best was spending New Years with him and this beautiful singer wish i knew who she was.. Have fun keep up with these awesome updates.. Cant wait to hear how pretty lights is. Please dont miss that show

  7. phanart Reply

    scott, you lucky sob, live it up for the rest of us

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  9. Lynneycole Reply

    WOW. Thanks for the recap. I stumbled upon this Brock on the deck set and got to enjoy it for @ 25 minutes while sipping coffee and watching a beautiful sunrise. I am still smiling from Jam Cruise, it was my third, they keep getting better and better!

  10. Debra LaBar Reply

    As a Repeat Offender (this was my 6th JC) and the mother of the violinist mentioned above, thank you for your heart-felt comments! It makes a mother proud and I sure hope to meet you on JC 9!!!

  11. Ellie LaBar Reply

    Thanks for the write up, Scotty. I had a blast playing with Brock and perhaps we can do it again sometime. JC8 was incredible and I was honored to be both an attendee and also to help put smiles on early morning faces.

  12. headyesq Reply

    Dear Scotty,

    Come on Jamcruise 9, that’s when it get reaaaaal interesting.


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  16. bluzbill Reply

    FYI – the female singing with PG at NYE was Dana Perry, sister of bassist Adam Perry with brother Damien Perry on guitar

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