New Year’s Eve Report: the Disco Biscuits

tDB are known for their setlist surprises, they make puzzles including inverted compositions and half played clues that only those with full knoweledge of the Biscuits’ repertoire would understand. This year’s NYE countdown was a special gift to all those fans waiting for the next level of Bisco composition. Instead of relying on a special guest or on-stage antics, the boys let the originality and complexity of their songs take the center stage on this night.

An original medley of 10 different songs: 10) Orchestra Theme 9) Morph Dusseldorf 8) Run Like Hell 7) Aceetobee 6) Vassillios 5) Mr.Don 4) Above the Waves 3) Munchkin Invasion 2) Crickets 1) Basis for a Day, was played during the countdown. It was exciting and climactic, each peak of the song was sandwiched between dancing, Johnny R Goode’s incredible lighting, the balloons, and confetti that dropped from the sky at midnight made the fans roar in appreciation.  Those lucky enough to be in the front row got a champagne shower courtesy of the band and I doubt that anyone in the house was thinking of the madness going on just above their heads in Times Square.

Full countdown:

Also impressive was the 3rd set. At times the 3rd set can get a bit sloppy as the night wears on. With highlights right from the start of the set with the Down To The Bottom > Naeba, the energy and cohesion just sucked you right into the night. The DTTB sandwich was completed with a Naeba > Hum> Mr Don> Spacebirdmatingcall > DTTB for over 50 min of seamless flow before finally releasing the crowd into the early morning streets.

For those that missed the NYC shows, the Disco Biscuits will be heading out to Colorado at the end of January for a 4 night run at the Fox Theater and has already confirmed this years Bisco Inferno at Red Rocks.

Click here to download the audience recording.

2009-12-31 Nokia Theater, New York NY
Set I: M.E.M.P.H.I.S.> Caves of the East> Gangster> Above The Waves1> Shem-Rah Boo2
Set II: Mirrors, Astronaut3> I-Man> Strobelights and Martinis2, Countdown Medley> Basis For A Day4, On Time, 7-113> I-Man> Helicopters
Set III: Down To The Bottom> Naeba1> Humuhumu4> Mr. Don, Spacebirdmatingcall3> Down To The Bottom
Encore: Rockafella

1 inverted
2 completes 12/26 version
3 unfinished
4 ending only

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