MP3 Boot Camp: Rare Trey Tracks

A Phantasy Tour user named Mod_Ov3rkill recently started a thread on PT to share rare tracks from the A/V room. These tracks were posted for a short period of time and if you’re like me, you haven’t been collecting them. Other PT users have helped the cause by uploading the tracks that the original poster didn’t. Who says PT isn’t good for anything?

Big Red recently posted an interview on his Facebook page that got us excited for his upcoming February tour with Classic TAB. The ensemble plans to work on tunes that may become Phish songs in the future as well as a number of the classic Trey Band songs we all know and love. The tour kicks off on February 8 with a special benefit show in Charlottesville, VA for the Kristine Anastasio Manning Memorial Fund.

Here’s some more bootlegs to keep your iPod’s belly full…

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  1. Mod_Ov3rkill is the man on PT_Red_Board. He led me to the Mr. Completely from October, 2002 TRey/TAB in Utica I’ve been salivating over for 7 years.

    Also, the entire TREY/TAB archive of great live hits is a real treasure to sift through. It really makes you realize how ever-changing the TAB band(s) and sounds have been.

    Trey addressed that again on his facebook page about the changes his project has purposely encountered over the years and how it’s morphed again, into this latest change.

    The only true casualties I’ll be pining over this tour is the great (and he knows it…haha) Cyro Baptista and Dave ‘The Truth’ GRippo.

    As Jack Nicholson said in ‘A Few Good Men,”, “You Can’t Handle ‘The TRuth’.”………and I think he’s prolly right.

    We’ll miss Cyro and Dave this go-round. Other than that, Trey’s right back where he should be.

  2. The only TAB I feel I’m missing is the Lucius Beebee EP. Hit me back if you can hook me up! I have tons to trade!

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