F4tF: Vancouver, A Foodie Trip PT. 2

Here are some of the interior pictures I shot upon entering:



Some of the items they had for sale in the store I had never heard of and wanted to try.  On Saturdays they have roast suckling pig and a product I had never heard of before called bacon roll (see picture below):


Which, when sliced looks like this:


and when it is cooked looks like this:


They also had homemade meat loaf:


and another product that I had never seen before called Paprika Bacon, which told was bacon covered with raw garlic and paprika, then smoked.


We did a dinner party at my friend’s apartment and wound up serving the meatloaf and paprika bacon together.  Sorry no picture of it but basically we heated up some rendered bacon fat, pan seared a nice size slice of the meat loaf in the bacon fat then heated it through in the oven.  Once that finished we pan seared  the paprika bacon and put it in the oven as well.  We cut both into cubes and served the meatloaf with the paprika bacon on top.

We also bought  several different types of smoked meats that we served as a charcuterie platter (left to right: suckling pig, smoked filet mignon, speck and another smoked meat)


Oh yeah, the other starter for the dinner party was Foie Gras served with gianduja whipped cream and grilled brioche filled with maple vanilla butter.


I stopped documenting and started partying after the foie gras so I am going to end part 2 here.  There is still more to come,  so there will be a part 3.   Also in the coming weeks I will be putting together an article on the trip I took to the Vieux Pontarlier Absinthe Distillery in Pontarlier, France last May.

Life itself is the proper binge – Julia Child

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