F4tF: Vancouver, A Foodie Trip PT. 3

If you go in the right entrance to the market the first stall you encounter is Lee’s donuts and yes they are as good as they look.  I really stopped by Lee’s for a cup of coffee only (seriously) but had to try one.


You can also find Smoked Dino Bones in the market as well:


Here are a few other shots I took of the Granville Island Public Market:





One of the cool, unexpected parts of the trip were when we stopped into a strip-mall shopping plaza and the supermarket was pure old school suburbia, just like the ones I shopped at when I was a kid in New Jersey.


We also stopped into a great cheese store called Les Amis du Fromage located at 843 East Hastings Street in Vancouver.  One of the cool things they had was a “wine wall” but all of the bottles were Olive Oil not wine.  Great concept and presentation.


We also stopped into the Gourmet Warehouse which is located at 1340 East Hastings Street in Vancouver.  As I was walking to the register to buy my Schwartz’s seasonings they sold I saw these products which made me laugh out loud (and take a picture).


The area I was staying in was called Yaletown.  The locals told me the best place for coffee (and gelato) was Yaletown Gelato & Espresso Bar located at 1210 Homer Street in Vancouver.  Small, fun and with a great selection of gelatos.  I was told the they double the amount of flavors they serve during the summer.




I drove by a great neon, rotating sign for a meat store in downtown Vancouver, did not make it in there though.


One of the last places I ate, and the one that put the icing on the cake was stopping into Nando’s Peri-Peri.  If any of you remember when I wrote this column for Runaway Dinosaur, here is the article I did on the opening of the only Nando’s in the USA in Washington DC.   The grilled chicken with hot sauce was just as I remembered from my time living in Cape Town in late 1993, early 1994.  Used to eat at Nando’s several times a week.

If you are somewhere where you come across a Nando’s, stop in and try it.  Also if you are in NYC, Fairway sells their peri-peri sauces.

This is what a Nando’s looks like:


and the menu:


Well, that wraps up my time in Vancouver.  Hope you enjoyed my trip through this series of postings.

“I don’t like gourmet cooking or “this” cooking or “that” cooking.
I like good cooking.” – James Beard

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  1. So, when are you going to put up an archive, or some kind of links to old articles? I know next time I go to visit my brother in Forks, Washington (and no he is not a vampire*) I am going to want to hit Vancouver and try a few of these places.

    *He does however work in the clinic near where they put up a “Reserved for Dr. Cullen” sign. He has a Dr. Cullen name tag that he puts on to go out and talk to the tourists that are there taking pictures.

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