Radiohead Raise Over $500K For Haiti

Last night at the Music Box Theatre in Hollywood, Radiohead threw down a mix of classics and newer songs for devoted – and heavy-pocketed – fans who paid at least $475 per ticket to attend the show. Towards the end of the show, Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke announced that the concert had raised $572,754 for Oxfam International’s work in Haiti.

The Brits kicked off their second encore with the full band debut of Lotus Flower, a tune Yorke had performed at solo shows. There were plenty of older songs played including Radiohead classics National Anthem, Karma Police and Everything In Its Right Place. Radiohead has been in L.A. to record a new album and took time off from that process to help raise money for Haiti. In other RH news, Peter Gabriel recently announced that the band will cover one of his songs, Wallflower, as part of a song exchange.

Let’s take a look at last night’s setlist… [via URB]

Set: Faust Arp, Fake Plastic Trees, Arpeggi, National Anthem, Nude, Karma Police, Kid A, Morning Bell, How To Disappear Completely, Wolf at the Door, The Bends, Reckoner, Lucky, Body Snatchers, Dollars & Cents, Airbag, Exit Music (For a Film)

Encore #1: Everything In Its Right Place, You and Whose Army?, Pyramid Song, All I Need

Encore #2: Lotus Flower, Paranoid Android, Street Spirit

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