Widespread Panic Porch Songs: Santa Fe ’01

Jam titans Widespread Panic have announced the next installment of their Porch Songs series of archival releases which will feature two entire shows played at Paolo Soleri in Santa Fe, NM on June 19 & 20, 2001.


Unlike the regular Widespread Panic Archives releases, Porch Songs compilations are derived from two-track recordings “warts and all.” And there were quite a few warts with the original recordings including digital noise issues, seemingly cracking guitar amps, horrendous weather and a missing verse of Porch Song on June 19. Yet, the WSP archives team did an admirable job of fixing this issues and even patched in an audience recording to make sure we don’t miss a second of that Porch Song.


Each show only costs $7.99 for MP3s or $9.99 for FLACs. Let’s encourage the band to keep these releases coming at such a fast pace by purchasing one or both of these shows. Head to the Widespread Panic Archives blog for more information on Santa Fe 2001 from WSP archivist Horace Moore.

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