Stormy Mondays: MMW + Marc Ribot

Guitarist Marc Ribot appeals to an eclectic taste, producing music characterized in no small way by his long standing relationship with John Zorn and the Lower East Side freak jazz scene, and his Ceramic Dog post-punk noise band. Some of his best and most accessible work, however, is with comrades in that downtown universe, Medeski, Martin and Wood. I can’t help thinking of a Celebrate Brooklyn gig a few years ago when Ceramic Dog opened with a nearly unmistakable cacophony of sound, but only an hour later Ribot joined the trio for one of their most groovetastic set of the year.


Back in February of 2004, Ribot – and fellow MMW kin DJ Logic – shared the stage with MMW at the Bowery Ballroom in NYC for a benefit show supporting Music for America, and the guitarist easily earned MVP for the night. His playing here, on the second half of the set, is in turn slick and stylish, subtle and soaring, but always brilliant. The trio wraps itself around him and everything is right in your ears. End of the World Party is especially hot, and the final suite of Bloody Oil > Drum Solo > Sugarcraft > a breakdown laden Queen Bee > a blissful No Ke Ano Ahiahi is worth hearing over and over again. Turn it up, and as always, enjoy!

2/28/04 Bowery Ballroom
Juanito, Curtis, End of the World Party, Bloody Oil > Drum Solo > Sugarcraft > Queen Bee > No Ke Ano Ahiahi E: Night Marchers > Uninvisible

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4 thoughts on “Stormy Mondays: MMW + Marc Ribot

  1. Jeremy Reply

    Speaking of MMW with Ribot, does anyone have 09.17.95? I wore those tapes out, particularly the second set opening Dracula. So damn good . . .

    If anyone could point me in the right direction, that would be wonderful.

  2. sgordo Reply

    This show was really awesome.

  3. J Dub Reply

    Marc Ribot is a sick session guitarist…he is all over the place, I remember buying EOTHWP and Tom Wait’s “Real Gone”, which both came out at the same time and Marc Ribot sat in on both albums

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