Video: The Return of RAQ

Another day, another reunion video around these parts as RAQ has just revealed via video that the power-jam quartet will be returning on April 30 for a show at the Bowery Ballroom in New York City. Take a look…

RAQ Reunion @ Bowery Ballroom 4/30

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  1. I’ll tell you, I’m actually pretty damn psyched to see RAQ again. I didn’t catch them until ’06 and I really enjoyed the three shows I saw than all of the sudden they disappeared.

  2. ur all a bunch of dbags….RAQ is great and glad to see them back. If you havent seen em then you wouldnt understand. Go back to you moe and dave matthews shows.

  3. I wouldn’t say I’ve been waiting, but I think it’s great to see them getting back at it. I saw them some time ago at the Knitting Factory and that experience summed it up from day one: they have a handful of songs that I flat out love and a bunch that meander forever in shred purgatory. Still, they do some terrific covers (i.e., the Way It Is) and Ton These is great.

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