Listen To The Four New Trey Tunes

Last night was the tour opener for Trey Anastasio and Classic TAB. It was a busy night as the band played until Midnight, performed a five-song double encore and debuted four tunes. Two of the songs were brand new and two were tracks originally found on Phish’s Party Time album that accompanied their 2009 release Joy in the long-delayed Joy Box set.

[Photo by Tom Daly]

You can listen to all four tunes right here and right now thanks to the lightning fast turnaround of taper Craig Davis.

All That Almost Was

Birdwatcher [originally on Party Time]

Liquid Time [originally on Party Time]

Show Of Life

What do you think of the four new Trey tracks?

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19 Responses

  1. All That Almost Was is a bit underwhelming. And Birdwatcher could be fun live (when you can see the girls singing). I actually don’t mind Liquid Time; reminds me a lot of a Dire Straits tune. And Show of Life, sadly, reminds me of that batch of Trey tunes that I really couldn’t get into . . .

  2. Love em all.

    Liquid Time will be epic in short time, alongside Valentine, Greyhound Rising, Gone… no one knows them now, but once they are all Phish staples, all will say they’ve loved them all along.

    show of life

    all awesome!


  3. Why do I even bother?

    As Trey and Co. continue to soften, the dozen years I spent as a Phish apologist constantly battling dim-witted comparisons to the Grateful Dead appear to be in vain.

    Doesn’t he realize that to do straight ahead rock and roll / blues / rockabilly?!? without that acid-tongue in cheek of old comes across as corny, sentimental and hackneyed?

    Yeah yeah, you’re all grown up now, Trey. I’m getting Doc on the phone and am setting the Flux Capacitor for 1991. Holler!

  4. VK could not have put it any better. I for one was shocked that greyhound rising and peggy were not played in 2009. I absoloutely love show of life as well. liquid time has serious potential and im still on the fence of the other new one. Birdwatcher does nothing for me. I just dont dig the swing music. Show of Life falls right into the vein w joy, bug, waste, velvet sea, etc. im amazed at how many kids had no idea Light was played prior to fenway. Than again I am an admitted trey fluffer and love MOST everything he does. stoked for a few shows this tour.

  5. Like most new Trey tunes, including Shine and Tuesday, these are pretty weak. Show of life is ok. Maybe they will grow on me or will improve. ’01 and ’02 probably will never be topped.(push on, cayman, simple twist up, last tube-nuff said) Trey Rocks!

  6. all good trey songs i think.espically like liquid time……… and show of life is on a shelf all by its self ..really like it!!!..?hope to see them next thursday in milwaukee,wi..

  7. “Like most new Trey tunes, including Shine and Tuesday, these are pretty weak.”

    New? Shine and Tuesday are from 2005. …and these songs are still better.

  8. Birdwatcher is pretty clearly meant to be played by Phish. I am sure we will see this one this summer and probably will be sung by Page. Could be a good one! Liquid Time has alot of jam potential and a good vibe. the other 2 are ok. Overall I think these are all viable new additions to not only Trey’s solo tours but also to Phish’s setlists.

    …………….Hope I hear a few of these tomorrow night in MSP!!

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