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In  an effort to focus our attention on something besides Phish for a change, we’ve decided at HT headquarters to (hopefully) drum up some good chatter about the final season of the greatest television show in the history of the idiot box. Check in on Wednesday of every week  during Season 6 to share your thoughts, theories, complaints and assessments of the previous night’s episode. Big time SPOILER alert for anyone didn‘t watch yet.


Synopsis: We teamed up with our favorite Lost fanatic, The Joker from Coventry, who came up with this great idea to break down the show via a Geronimo Jackson setlist.

Geronimo Jackson, 2/9/2010

Set I (Island): Alive Again (1) > Bring It On Home To Me (2) > Fight Test (3) , Nobody’s Fault But My Own (4), Horse Pills (5) > Poison (6) > Sister Christian (7)

Set II (Off Island): Drive My Car (8)> Hello My Baby (9) > I Wanna Be Sedated (10) >Watching The Detectives (11) > Sister Christian Reprise

(1) Trey Anastasio cover; Sayid on vocals
(2) Sam Cooke cover; Kate on vocals
(3) Flaming Lips Cover; Sayid on drums
(4) Beck cover; Sawyer on acoustic (cries)
(5) Dandy Warhols cover, Dogen on vocals with Zombie tease by Hurley
(6) Alice Cooper Cover; Jack on vocals
(7) Night Ranger cover, Jack and Claire on vocals
(8) Beatles Cover; Kate on guitar
(9) Traditional; A Capella – Claire, Kate on vocals
(10) The Ramones cover; Ethan makes special appearance, first time in 8 episodes, with Needle and the Damage Done tease
(11) Elvis Costello cover; Kate

Epic One Liner of the Week: I wouldn’t go as far as to call it epic, but Miles delivered a good laugh when he said at the temple, “We’ll be in the food court if you need us.”

Lost An Hour of My Life Moment: We got to see a quick a Leslie Artz cameo (I think) back at the airport, during which he pulled the “I’m walkin heaahhhh” from Midnight Cowboy when Kate nearly ran him over in her taxi getaway.

Overall: Believe it or not, this episode delivered for a Kate-centric installment. Kate episodes generally contain mad fluff and make everybody antsy for a real episode. This one advanced both the on and off island plotlines and worked toward some answers.

Discussion Points: If Claire is infected, why does she appear to be behaving exactly like Rousseau, who was famously the only one of her group not infected? With the plotline building regarding Kate and Claire in real life and Claire’s original adoption family falling through, will Kate end up taking care of Aaron (and even delivering the baby)? Why is Ethan Rom (a.k.a., Other Man) Claire’s doctor? Do you buy into the popular theory that fate is fate and things will end up lagely the same for the characters on or off the island? Will Rob McIlhenney for It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia get a significant role this season? Did this episode move the idea forward that Jacob is inhabiting Sayid like the MIB is doing with Locke?  How do you think Dogen’s torture “test” prooves whether or not somebody is infected? What is the infection?

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9 Responses

  1. I actually couldn’t concentrate when Artz was on screen, because he’ll always be Jay Leno from “The Late Shift” to me and I was hoping that the cabbie was gonna gas it and kill Jay.

    Mac deserves an emmy for that performance because I don’t think another actor could more seamlessly have transferred a character from one show to another completely unrelated one.

    The Claire/Rousseau parallel is quite interesting, but I find myself being more interested in the LA timeline. The island is never gonna be resolved.

  2. Ha, perfect review.

    I’m hoping Green Man makes his debut on the island. If Mac is involved, Green Man can’t be too far behind. Maybe some kitten mittens for everyone.

    Miles’ “food court” line had me at hello.

  3. i liked this episode, i didnt think it was bad, but its hard to follow up the awesomeness of LA X parts 1 & 2. i felt like they were setting up a lot of stuff in this episode.

    i guess ethan got off the island with the women and children before the incident in 1977…but being off the island didnt stop him from being creepy as hell.

    i think im gonna start using the term “rousseau’d” as a term that describes a could-be-cute if she washed wook’d out girl at a festival. i didnt think they could ever make claire not cute- but that last scene- rousseau’d.

  4. What an excellent idea for a review. Geronimo Jackson rules.

    Not going to even try to answer all those talking points, but I am interested to see how the “alternate reality” LOSTies figure out that they are in an alternate timeline. Like when Claire called the unborn baby Aaron, and Kate was all freaked out.

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