Countdown to March Madness: Less Than One Month Until Allman’s NYC Run

The Allman Brothers Band’s annual March Madness run in New York City kicks off on March 11 at the United Palace. As you might recall, the Allmans were essentially kicked out of the Beacon when MSG Entertainment made a deal with Cirque De Soleil to host their Banana Shpeel show.


If you can’t make it out to the Big Apple for the Allman’s March Madness run, don’t fret – you can watch and listen to every show live with a Moogis subscription. We used Moogis for every show during last year’s run and the quality was unbelievable and far above those of other webcast services. For the $150 fee you get to enjoy all 13 shows as they happen and for the next year through the Moogis archive which also includes over 50 other classic ABB shows. Not a bad deal for about $12 per show.

While the ABB run at the United Palace has sold well the same can’t be said for Banana Shpeel. At this point, we wouldn’t be surprised if Banana Shpeel never opens. Chad Berndtson recently spoke with ABB drummer Butch Trucks about a wide variety of topics including Moogis, the move to the United Palace and Dickey Betts. Here’s a peak at the interview, which will run on towards the middle of next week…

HT: Has Beacon management indicated anything about 2011? Will you go back to the Beacon if you can?

BT: I tell you right now, the way things are looking, they’re going to lose money to get us back next year. After 20 years – 20 years! – of sticking it out with them and taking less money to stay there and everything and being the anchor for their spring lineup? No single band has done for the Beacon what we have, and 188 sellouts in a row – I mean, good god, that’s insane. But rather than tell these guys with Cirque de Soleil, ‘Hey, we have March full already,’ well…we kind of feel like we’ve been betrayed.

The Allman Brothers Band at the Beacon was an incredible tradition that MSG thought highly enough of that they focused most of their Beacon Theatre:  A Legend Reborn documentary around the run of shows. We’d LOVE for the Allmans to come back to the Beacon and continue the tradition in 2011, but if these upcoming shows come off without a hitch how can they go back to a company that treated them so shabbily? What would you do?

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  1. I don’t care if they have to pitch a tent and play their March run in a parking lot somewhere – there’s no way they oughta go back to the Beacon after being passed up for a variety act.

    Yeah, that’s right, I said “pitch a tent.” Hehehe.

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