Lost Cubicle Chatter: The Substitute

In  an effort to focus our attention on something besides Phish for a change, we’ve decided at HT headquarters to (hopefully) drum up some good chatter about the final season of the greatest television show in the history of the idiot box. Check in on Wednesday of every week  during Season 6 to share your thoughts, theories, complaints and assessments of the previous night’s episode. Big time SPOILER alert for anyone didn‘t watch yet.

Synopsis: We teamed up with our favorite Lost fanatic, The Joker from Coventry, who came up with this great idea to break down the show via a Geronimo Jackson setlist.

Geronimo Jackson, 2/16/2010

Set I – (Off Island): Lawn Boy > Destiny Unbound (1), Working in The Coal Mine (2) > Workingman’s Blues #2 (3) > Working In The Coal Mine (4), Walkin’ Blues (5)

Set II – (On Island): Jungle Boogie (6) > Come As You Are (7) > Whiskey River (8) > Search and Destroy > (9) Come As You Are (10)> Jacob’s Ladder (11) Walls Of The Cave (12) > Candidate > (13)

E: Choices (14), Substitute (15)

(1) Phish; Locke on Bass, Helen on Vocals
(2) Allen Toussaint; Intro/Instrumental Locke on Keys
(3) Bob Dylan; Hurley- Vocals, Locke on Guitar
(4) Rose on vocals
(5) R.L. Burnside (Unfinished)
(6) Kool & the Gang; Smoke Monster Version
(7) Nirvana; Richard Alpert runs off stage
(8) Willie Nelson; Sawyer on vocals
(9) Iggy and the Stooges; Sawyer on vocals with special guest vocalist Iggy Pop
(10) Alternate Lyrics/ Steinbeck Reference
(11) Rush; MIB on vocals, Sawyer on drums
(12) Phish; Man In Locke + Sawyer on Vocals’ Backwards Down The Number Line tease
(13) David Bowie; Sawyer solo
(14) Geronimo Jackson Original, First Time Played
(15) The Who; Locke on vocals, Ben “the Loon” Linus on drums

Epic One Liner of the Week: This week we have a two way tie: 1) When Hurley meets Locke in the parking lot of the box company (which he now owns) and in talking about Locke’s dismissal, he says, “Randy Nations? That guy is a huge douche.”  And 2) “Jacob has a thing for numbers.”

Lost An Hour of My Life Moment: Sure, it’s funny to see Peg Bundy on the show, but it’s utterly impossible to take her emotional scenes with Locke seriously. Furthermore, even though it’s entirely clear the writers aim to contrast Locke’s lack of faith and disbelief in miracles off the island to his “man of faith” persona on the island, it’s also too overt.

Overall: This week, with just 18 hours left to go in the series, we saw the first episode that turned about face and headed straight towards the conclusion. I wouldn’t go as far as to say a whole lot actually happened, but the MIB (a.k.a., Fake Locke), with Sawyer in tow, clarified what Jacob actually wants from the remaining Oceanic 815 survivors as well as the fact that Jacob is in fact behind the infamous “numbers.” Interestingly, in explaining  to Sawyer that the Losties  are actually “candidates” to assume the role of protector for the island, MIB laid out three discreet options: 1) do nothing, 2) accept the “candidacy and become the heir to Jacob’s protectorate, or 3) “get the hell off this island and never look back.” Fake Locke and Sawyer choose option #3, but that raises the burning question…

Discussion Points: Which candidate do you think will take over for Jacob as Jacob’s heir as protector for the island? Also, why didn’t Fake Locke even remember the small boy after chasing, catching, and speaking to young Jacob (or did he simply claim to forget)?

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12 Responses

  1. My two thoughts:

    Is Sawyer going along with Flocke just to humour him, and will kill him when the righ time comes?

    We don’t know which Kwon was depicted on the Walls Of The Cave. Could have been both Sun or Jin. Will this be of much importance?

  2. I think JACK takes the reigns when all is said and done. With this whole need to “fix” things constantly and is his desire to lead since day 1. It’s not quite the responsibility of caring for Claudia, Julia, Baily and Owen, but hey it’s a pretty big endeavor. Kidding aside. Jack just seems to be the most logical to end up protecting the island.

    PS: I don’t think fake Locke or Flocke as we should call him, really forgot the young boy (young Jacob) – I think he just played dumb for Sawyer. And the “you can’t kill him, there are rules quote” refers to Sawyer as him.

  3. “and how come no number for Kate”

    Maybe she will be the X-Factor. Maybe she will throw a kink in to Flocke’s plan?

  4. 3 points:

    1) Why is there no mention of “Love & Marriage” (Married with Children’s theme song) in the off-island set? 😛

    2) I think Hurley is the answer. The number “8” means infinity, no? And his off-island counter part tends to think that everything works out (see scene with Hurley and Locke in parking lot).

    3) “And I’m the world’s forgotten boy / The one who’s searchin’, searchin’ to destroy” – is that a reference to FLocke or Sawyer? I’m thinking FLocke/MIB?

  5. I think you are probably right about Jack being the guy, but I can’t help thinking that Locke is meant to be the one. I don’t know how it’s possible, but it just seems disappointing any other way.

    I was wondering the same about Kate. Did they hit every number?

  6. we dont know which kwon is chosen, and kate’s name/number was absent on the wall. i am under the impression the people jacob “chose” to be on the island can’t be harmed/killed by Flocke. my money is on Sun. she is a badass and we haven’t seen much of her yet.

    Richard is SCARED! I can’t wait for an episode about Richard Alpert where we find out what hes so scared of.

    While Flocke offered answers to Sawyer…but i dont trust him. He could be speaking in half truths to manipulate Sawyer to his side. But Sawyer doesnt trust easy.

  7. So, its a game, right? Jacob and Esau(MIB) are “stuck” on the island, playing a game of balance, of light vs dark. It is assumed that Jacob brought these people to the island, perhaps as replacements. In off island visits, Jacob touched some castaways, but not others. I think those listed on the Walls of the Cave were all touched…
    So the Man in Locke needs James to take him off the island and end his never ending cylce?
    If Jacob is searching for a replacement, wouldn’t that make Locke MIBs replacement?

    What if the Kwon is the baby? Women who get pregnant on the island are not supposed to concieve, yet Sun did…

    This could still all be in Hurley’s head. Remember Libby and the wierd cut scene that shows them both in the mental institute?

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