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As promised, Glide has posted Chad B.’s interview with Allman Brothers Band drummer Butch Trucks. Chad talked with Butch about changing NYC venues, Moogis and just how close Dickey Betts was to joining the band during their 40th Anniversary Run at the Beacon last March…

How close was Dickey Betts to appearing with the band at the Beacon last year?

Eh. It wasn’t going to happen.

But you did ask him and he turned you down?

We asked him to. As a tribute to Duane we asked him to. Despite our differences – and as you know, our differences are very deep – we asked him to be part of it. There’s been a lot of name calling over the years, and to be honest with you, getting him out of the band was like getting an 800-pound gorilla off my back. The man has very serious issues and at times he has dealt with them. Other times he’d scream at us, as if in life he was supposed to get drunk and snort coke. We finally all said enough, and the last few years, without that dark cloud on stage night after night…well, we’ve got seven guys that respect each other. Every night is different and every night is fun.

Head to for the entire Butch Trucks interview. The Allman Brothers Band’s run at the United Palace starts on March 11 and runs through March 27. If you can’t make it to the Upper NYC venue in person, you can watch webcasts of every show with a Moogis subscription.

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  1. Butch stopped being relavent when he still had a head of hair. He refers to a lot of name calling. It was all one way. Dickey Betts took the high road. Butch is a low life piece of crap.

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