UM Bowl: Full Contact Musical Experience

We were a little wary on posting another UM article today, but the UM Bowl just sounds way too cool to ignore. Today, the band announced that they will hold UM Bowl 2010 in their hometown of Chicago at Lincoln Hall on April 24. This so-called “full contact musical experience” will feature four hour-long-ish “quarters” each with a different interactive theme.


So far, UM has only revealed the theme of the first quarter – an acoustic set chosen by the audience. Once you buy a ticket, you’ll be given a ballot to vote on which songs you’d like to see the sextet play. Details on the last three quarters are forthcoming.

Here are more details from the band on Um Bowl 2010…

Attendees will have unprecedented opportunities to showcase their musical coaching skills and truly get in the game. In addition to ticketing and travel packages, UMBowl will feature tailgating options, a halftime show, limited edition merch, and loads of other sweetness to make this a night to remember. For now, save the date for this intimate experience!

Look for UM Bowl updates including details about how to purchase tickets on the UM Bowl website over the next few weeks. What do you think about this concept? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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  1. Cool idea, but it would be much better if it was at Brooklyn Bowl. Also, considering the price of their S2 shows ($100) I’d imagine the cost of this is upwards of a $100 a ticket.

  2. I bet if this is successful they will branch out to other locations.

    I think you’re probably right about the cost. The question is how much over $100. Is $200 possible?

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