10 Rejected Planet Anthem Pre-Order Items

PlanetAnthem.com has gone live allowing Disco Biscuits fans to take a peak at a number of pre-order options for the jamtronica act”s long-delayed studio album. The pre-order opens on Monday at noon (EST) and include an assortment of awesome options for purchase including a signed CD and dinner with Magner in any city ($100), a signed CD and a drum lesson with Allen before any show ($100), a signed CD and a song request at any show ($25), a signed CD and prank call the Umphrey’s guys with the Disco Biscuits’ help ($50), a signed CD a tennis match vs. Barber ($250) and a signed CD and play a song with the band during an actual show ($1500).

Kudos to the Biscuits org for coming up with such an innovative idea to help recoup their investment in the album. Most of the prices are reasonable and we’ll be interested to see how quickly some of these items are snatched up come Monday. As many items as there are on PlanetAnthem.com, a number of  items didn’t make the cut. Let’s take a look at ten of them…

1. Trip with Barber post-show to a local Dunkin’ Donuts and a Wawa to make his “Cake from Ultra Heaven” ($250)
2. Marc manages your Facebook page for 24 hours ($50 + 2 joints)
3. Johnny R. Goode runs lights at your office ($500)
4. Magner sits on the toilet in your dorm room while you interview him for your school paper ($100)
5. Copy of Planet Anthem and a free copy of the Disco Biscuits next studio album due out in 2017 ($3.16)
6. Barber will hide under your bed & whisper the lyrics to Konkrete ($1,000)
7. Biscuits will play the Pacific Northwest ($1,000,000,000)
8. Attend a D.A.R.E program at Brownie’s kid’s school ($75)
9. Guided tour by Barber of the air ducts at the Electric Factory ($100)
10. Barber will explain to your kid’s 2nd grade teacher that Green actually is a primary color ($50)

What items do you think should’ve made the PlanetAnthem.com pre-sale? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

UPDATE (02/19 10:48AM): The Biscuits liked our list so much that they added most of these items to the Planet Anthem pre-order. It’s another Hidden Track miracle!

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  1. nicely done. my fav on your list = “9. Guided tour by Barber of the air ducts at the Electric Factory ($100)”

    I lol’d.

    I agree on chillin briefly reference, but you also gotta add a reference to Marn 3:16, no?!?!

  2. Please go see them live!
    Upcoming Disco Biscuits shows…
    3/15 Philadelphia PA … Theatre of the Living Arts
    3/16 Philadelphia PA … Theatre of the Living Arts
    3/17 Buffalo NY … Town Ballroom
    3/18 Albany NY … The Egg
    3/19 Boston MA … House of Blues
    3/20 Montclair NJ … Wellmont Theatre
    See you there!

  3. The Disco Biscuits are the best touring act of all time! From their early days of playing in State College to their current world status, this band has pushed the boundaries of music and entertainment in their own awesome ways! Their latest C.D.-Planet Anthem, is a major step in new directions, but don’t let this scare you bisco fans. The songs are done so well, and live it is like they have been playing them all along. They have been jamming harder, rocking out longer, and after seeing one of their shows no other act will ever match up. And the Pre-orders that they are running, get out the credit card and take advantage of some offers that are once in a lifetime, I know I bought the jam during soundcheck package.

  4. Planet anthem preorder was an innovative idea. Only complaint i had about the site is that the icons used for ordering were way to small. I had to use magnifiying glass to see them. Besides that the site was cool.

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