Stormy Mondays: The Bad Plus NYE

To steal a shtick from Ethan Iverson, we at Stormy Mondays believe in recycling. And what better thing to recycle that The Bad Plus’s NYE set at the Village Vanguard, which was broadcast nationally, uninterrupted on NPR. The Vanguard is definitely home base for the trio, and they lay out a killer set of music opening with a nice You Are, continuing on through a cover of Ornette’s Song X, and closing with an absolutely smoking version of Dirty Blond, Layin’ A Strip For The Higher Self-State Line > Auld Lang Syne and a wild, angular take on the stunning fan favorite Physical Cities.

If you haven’t found your way to The Bad Plus yet, here’s your shot, and if you’re already in the know, 10 years into the band’s career, you know you’re gonna love this. As always, enjoy, and have a great week!

Set: You Are, And Here We Test Our Powers of Observation, Bill Hickman at Home, Who’s He?, People Like You, Song X, Metal, My Friend Metatron, Dirty Blonde, Layin’ A Strip For The Higher Self-State Line > Auld Lang Syne, Physical Cities

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