Cover Wars: The Maker Edition

Even more media, here’s a video of Dave & Tim:

Emmylou Harris: Emmylou Harris is all over this Cover Wars. Not only did she record this song herself in 1998, but she also has sung it with the original artist, and sings backup on Willie Nelson’s rendition you’ll hear in a minute. That is some serious Cover Wars incest. Source: Spyboy


Emmylou joins Daniel Lanois:

Jerry Garcia Band: Once The Maker was added to the JGB repertoire in 1992, it was a common cover, appearing over 50 times between 1992 and 1995. Source: Shining Star


4-25-1992 Event Center Arena – San Jose State University:

Willie Nelson: In the same year (1998) that Emmylou Harris recorded her cover of The Maker, Willie Nelson also released his cover, with the help of Miss Emmylou. Source: Teatro


Live on David Letterman:

Some more video from Willie Nelson:

Checking in on the Cover Wars from two weeks ago, Trey Anatasio has emerged victorious when we looked at eight covers of O-o-h Child.

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