Giveaway: Mike Gordon’s New Live CD

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Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Tom Cleary, Todd Isler, and Craig Myers
10/3/2009 – The Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY

Disc One – Set One

01) Can’t Stand Still
02) Sound
03) Pretend
04) Spiral
05) Nobody’s Home
06) Cities
07) Dig Further Down

Disc Two – Set Two

01) The Beltless Buckler
02) 15 Step
03) When The Cactus Is In Bloom
04) Couch Lady
05) Meat
06) Time For Loving Is Now
07) Emotional Railroad
08) Only A Dream
09) Taking It To The Streets

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260 thoughts on “Giveaway: Mike Gordon’s New Live CD

  1. Jeremy Reply

    My name is Jeremy, I am 35, and my hometown is Pittsburgh, Pa (I currently live in Manhattan). I think Mike and his band should cover The Band’s Don’t Do It.

  2. Michael Reply

    Michael, Wethersfield, CT. They should cover some Primus!! DMV!!!!

  3. Ryan T. Good Reply

    Ryan Good
    Mound, MN
    I think the Mike Gordon Band should cover The Fish by Yes.

  4. Frank Reply

    Frank, 22, The Bronx

    Plant & Kruass – Killin the Blues

  5. Casey Ryback Reply

    Ben, 25, Great Neck, NY.

    I think we are due a Huey Lewis and the News cover, perhaps Power of love, or back in time.

  6. Toll Reply

    My name is Mike, 26, live in Boulder, CO. I hope Mike & Co. cover J.J.Cale’s Cajun Moon.

  7. Rob Reply

    Rob, 35, Nyack NY

    I’d love to hear Mike cover “Power’s Out” by Arcade Fire.

  8. Dustin Reply

    Dustin here from Phoenix Arizona (grew up in Va Beach). I’d love to see a shakedown street cover!

  9. Jim Kohler Reply

    My name is Jim, I’m 49 and I live in Chesapeake, VA. I think Mike should cover Little Feat’s Teenage Nervous Breakdown.

  10. Matthew Reply

    Hometown: Lawrenceville, NJ
    Song to Cover: “You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming” by Robert Palmer

  11. Toby Janicki Reply

    Toby / Marshfield, MO / 34 / Mike’s band should cover Powder Finger by Neil Young.

  12. zappafrank Reply

    Ryan, 26
    Bowling Green, KY (currently in Portland, OR)

    Mike should totally play “Cindy Tells Me” by Brian Eno.

  13. Topher Reply

    Chris P.
    St. Louis, MO
    Movin Right Along by The Muppets.

  14. Timothy Reply

    Tim, 33, Seattle.

    The Breeders’ “Cannonball” was made for Mike.

  15. Julian Reply

    Julian, 31 – Memphis, TN

    “Coconut” by WSP… Goofy song that I think fits their tone. Show some love for your contemporary jam band peers.

  16. Marty Reply

    Marty, 30, Worcester MA “Robot Parade” by They Might Be Giants

  17. Eric Reply

    My name is Eric, I am 24. Hometown: Linwood, NJ (currently reside in Brooklyn) I would love to hear Mike Gordon Band should cover “Don’t Let it Bring You Down” – Neil Young.

  18. RW Reply

    Ross, 33, Belmont, MA
    Mike’s Song

  19. art Reply

    Art Bamford
    Denver, CO
    Lost in the Supermarket – the Clash

  20. david marks Reply

    David M, 33, Boulder, Colorado.
    I think Joy Division, Transmission would be killer.

  21. Kyle Gross Reply

    Thriller, Michael Jackson

  22. Jason Paraskevas Reply

    Jason P 31 Haskell, NJ
    Emotional Rescue would be the bomb, Mike killed the vocals when Phish covered it back in 97

  23. Brian Reply

    Safety Dance

  24. Neal Pataky Reply

    Gordo should cover My Maria!

  25. Mitesh Reply

    Mitesh Rana
    Yardley, PA
    Groove is in the Heart. Gordon in his silver pants and sunglasses looks almost exactly like Bootsy. All he needs is a sparkling cape and the transformation is complete

  26. Andy Cotton Reply

    I think MGB should cover Legalize it – Peter Tosh

  27. dayjob1978 Reply

    Mike P, 31, Rye, NY, I Feel My Stuff off the latest David Byrne/Brian Eno collaboration

  28. Andy Cotton Reply

    Forgot to mention where I was from: Milwaukee, WI age = 28

    I think MGB should cover Legalize it – Peter Tosh

  29. matt Reply

    matt 29 easton ma – emminence front would be sick! Love this band.

  30. Anthony B, 25, Somers Point, NJ Reply

    Air – “La Femme D’Argent”

  31. Visorkid Reply

    Jerry, 32, New Haven, CT

    Sup Mike. I’d love to see you cover some Floyd. All of us out here want it and you got the doc with you to make it happen- how about Have a Cigar? or Pigs?

    hook it up, Gordo… Love the Mike Gordon Band!!!!


  32. Zach Reply

    Zach, 20, Richmond, VA

    Stickshifts and Safety Belts- Cake

  33. Andrew Reply

    Andrew 27, N. hollywood, CA. Mike should cover Whip It by Divo

  34. Lorne Heller, 20, Toronto On. Reply

    Hey guys,
    Love the site,
    I think Paul Simon’s Late in the Evening with a bit of a bluegrass touch would be surreal. I think that Mike could hit that in a southern falsetto like a chief. Lets see it brother!

  35. Christian Reply

    Christian, 23, Hoffman Estates, IL

    Fly Like An Eagle – Steve Miller

  36. kdfkeith Reply

    Keith, 29, Baltimore, MD

    Here’s a really obscure song I’ve always wanted to see Mike cover:

    Shanty by Jonathan Edwards

  37. lyleismo Reply

    Josh, 22, Gainesville, Fla. Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago should get the Mike Gordon treatment.

  38. lyleismo Reply

    Josh, 22, Gainesville, Fla via Jacksonville. Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago should get the Mike Gordon treatment.

  39. fromthehills Reply

    Scott, 33, BUFFALO, NY – Beck’s “Hotwax”

  40. TJ McLaulin Reply

    TJ McLaulin-Bartow FL-31-mike should cover tv on the radio wolf like me

  41. Cosmic Charlie Reply

    Joe V, 28, Scarsdale, NY

    Great site guys and looking forward to hearing this whether I get it for free or not! =)

    Either way, I’d love to see Cactus and his merry band of misfits cover “Walking on the Moon” by the Police. When I think of great basslines, I think of that tune.

  42. Luke Reply

    yo, Mike. How About “The National Anthem” by Radiohead. Loved your show in Cinci last time around! The Leonard Cohen was really killer.

  43. Marc S Reply

    Marc S 38 in Des Moines, IA.

    Mike should continuing covering Emotional Rescue, but also toss in Metallica’s “Orion”. Epic.

  44. Jon Brennan Reply

    Jon Brennan – 23 – Barrington, RI – Mike should cover War Pigs

  45. Michelangelo Reply

    Mark D, Cincinnati, 33. Mike should cover Whistling in the Dark by They Might Be Giants.

  46. JB Reply

    JB, 29, NYC, NY

    Mike Gordon Band should cover Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.”

    We’re going to Party, Karamu, Fiesta, Forever!!

    Tam bo li de say de moi ya…
    Hey Jambo Jumbo…

  47. Jeff Reply

    Jeff Walls – Cincy, OH – 34 – Burlap Sacks & Pumps by Trey & Classic TAB.

  48. Tom Abedelnour Reply

    Tom Abdelnour, 23, Hartford, CT

    Cactus should cover “Don’t Worry About The Government”, by the Talking Heads.

  49. Aaron Reply

    Aaron S.
    Nyack, NY
    Final Guitar Solo from Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, on bass (obviously)

  50. James Daignealt Reply

    James Daigneault, 26, Eastford, CT.

    I would like to see Mike do Nicotine & Gravy by Beck.

  51. Joe Salem Reply

    Joe Salem, 34, Kent, OH.

    I would like to see Mike do Roundabout by Yes.

  52. Drue Reply

    Drew, 28, Stamford, CT
    Townes Van Zandt’s “Who do you Love”

  53. Ryan Reply

    Ryan, 24, Rochester NH
    I was going to say Eminence Front by the Who, but Matt beat me too it. What about Lawyers Guns and Money by Warren Zevon?

  54. lyleismo Reply

    Josh, 22, Gainesville, Fla. via Jacksonville, Fla. Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago should get the Mike Gordon treatment.

  55. matt carstens Reply

    tom sawyer by rush

  56. Brehon Quigley Reply

    Brehon Quigley, 34, Honolulu,HI
    Mikes band should cover Bad Romance by Lady GaGa.

  57. Matt Eichen Reply

    Matt Eichen, 24, Camden, NJ.

    I would like to hear Mike do Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen.

  58. John Wilson Reply

    J Wilson,33,Toledo, Do the Joy by Air

  59. Derek Reply

    Derek Hartley, 18, Millinocket, ME.

    I would love Mike to play I Would Die 4 U by Prince.

  60. Jon Schroeder Reply

    Jon Schroeder, 30, Charlottesville, VA

    In my dream world, Mike’s band would cover The Logical Song by Supertramp.

  61. David Reemmer Reply

    Dave, 34, Egg Harbor Township, Ophelia

  62. Dan Perez Reply

    Dan Perez, 38, Manorville, NY

    Girlfriend Is Better – Talking Heads

  63. John F Reply

    I would like to see Mike do Nicotine & Gravy by Beck.

  64. JJ Reply

    John, 25, White Plains, NY

    Presidents of the United States of America – “Boll Weevil”

  65. Lawrence Reply

    Dover, MA

    I think they should cover The Ride by Joan as Policewoman

  66. JR Reply

    JR Hevron, 36, Brooklyn

    I would love to hear them them cover The World Is A Little Bit Under the Weather by the Meters

  67. sean Reply

    Sean McNally, 30, Westampton, NJ. They should definitely cover “Second That Emotion”.

  68. Faron Rhoads Reply

    Faron Rhoads, 30, Carlisle, PA

    Hey Mike, how about “She’s an Angel” by They Might Be Giants?

  69. Brian Reply

    Chicago, IL

    I think Mike Gordon Band should cover Carolina Rain by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals

  70. Carl T. Reply

    Carl T., Austin, TX. Clearly they should play “Send Me an Angel” by the Australian new wave band Real Life.

  71. Carl T. Reply

    Oops. Age 30.

  72. Emily B Reply

    Psycho Killer!

  73. Brent F. Reply

    “I Want a New Drug”

    by Huey Lewis & The News

  74. Chad W. N. Reply

    Mike says NO!

  75. Papa Phunk Reply

    Real Name is Rich, Ambler, PA….Lets see….I would love to hear Mike Cover No Quarter.

  76. Angelo G. Reply

    Angelo G., Cleveland, Ohio … They should pay “dude looks like a lady” by Aerosmith

  77. Simon Reply

    Simon, 21, Manhasset,NY, HIGHER GROUND

  78. Joe S. Reply

    Age-23 Philadelphia, PA
    Warren Zevon- Werewolves of London

  79. Kevin Reply

    Oneida, NY
    Lawyers, Guns and Money

  80. Josh K Reply

    Josh K
    Effingham, IL

    Mikey should cover “SpottieOttieDopalicious” by Outkast.

  81. Bryan d Reply

    Bryan D
    Temple, GA
    Basically Frightened

  82. Chris B. Reply

    Chris B
    Granby, CT

    Phone Went West – My Morning Jacket

  83. Dave Wisner Reply

    Mike Band should cover “Skin It Back” by Little Feat

  84. shaggenstein Reply

    James D
    Baltimore, MD

    Death Trip by the Bad Livers

  85. Scott B Reply

    Scott Balun
    Atlanta, GA
    Ophelia by The Band

  86. Rob A Reply

    Rob A
    Haverford, PA

    Willin’ (Little Feat)

  87. Kevin Shiels Reply

    Glad that cactus is able to balance between bands. Love Phish but am digging his stuff as well. Here’s to keeping it going for a long time.

  88. Yome NetSan Reply

    Guillaume Carrillat
    Lyon, France
    Digital Love by Daft Punk should be fun once covered by Mike !

  89. Jim Reply

    Jim P
    Lancaster, MA

    “Green Eyed Lady” by Sugarloaf

  90. Icculus Reply

    Noah Z
    Newton, MA
    Southbound Pachyderm – Primus

  91. Mike Libertucci Reply

    Mike L
    Schenectady, NY

    Cover: The Joker- Steve Miller Band

  92. Scott D Reply

    Scott D
    Bay Saint Louis, MS
    Excitable Boy – Warren Zevon

  93. Steve Reply

    Steve C
    Charlottesville, VA

    Cover: Don’t Stand So Close to Me-Police

  94. Billy L Reply

    Bill L
    Glastonbury, CT
    My Name Is Mud-Primus

  95. Allen U. Reply

    Allen U.
    Buffalo, NY
    Highly Suspicious- My Morning Jacket

  96. Greg Marceau Reply

    Stinkfoot by Zappa

  97. Admiral French Pockets Reply

    Mike T
    Peabody, MA
    Rock Me Amadeus- Falco

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  99. FtCody Reply

    Fort Collins, CO
    Take your Time (Do it Right) – SOS Band

  100. Jonathan Ray Reply

    Jonathan Ray
    New Orleans, LA

    Solar Boat-Ray Manzarek

  101. Amy Nuding Reply

    Amy Nuding
    Milwaukee, WI
    Changes-David Bowie

  102. Michael Reply

    Boston, MA

    Pink Floyd – San Tropez

  103. ed Reply

    Ed Plough
    Memphis, Tennessee
    ‘Robert Lowell’ by They Might Be Giants

  104. Mike Reply

    Best feeling

  105. Scott Jacobson Reply

    Scott Jacobson
    Las Vegas, NV
    Outlaw Blues- Bob Dylan

  106. James Radawich Reply

    Stage Fright – The Band

  107. Matt Baxter Reply

    Matt Baxter
    Wilmington, DE

    I Can’t Explain-The Who

  108. keith corcoran Reply

    Keith Corcoran
    Matawan, NJ
    “Polka Dot Rose” by Oysterhead

  109. Richard Steinberg Reply

    Richard Steinberg
    Austin, TX
    Spanish moon

  110. Nathan Ebenroth Reply

    Nathan Ebenroth
    Chicago, IL
    Quinn the Eskimo (Mighty Quinn)- Bob Dylan

  111. Christian Monroe Reply

    Chris Monroe
    Glens Falls, NY

    Mama Tried – by Merle Haggard

  112. suckiemcsuck Reply

    Kris Mitchell
    Portland, OR


  113. Christopher Lane Reply

    christopher lane
    brunswick, new york

    the band should play: pride of cucamunga!

  114. Joe Russell Reply

    Newfields, NH

    Marquee Moon by Television

  115. Alex Parrott Reply

    Alex Parrott
    age 19
    Oakton, VA
    Charlie – Red Hot Chili Peppers

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  117. Carey Abercrombie Reply

    Mike should cover : The Heat Is On: Glen Frey

  118. Carey Abercrombie Reply

    The Heat Is On ; Glen Frey

  119. Matt Nale Reply

    Matt Nale
    Harrisburg, PA
    She Don’t Use Jelly – Flaming Lips

  120. Brooke Churas Reply

    Wakefield, RI
    Dire Straits – “Sultans of Swing”

  121. Shawn Desmond Reply

    You Might Think – The Cars

  122. Leigh Reply

    Jeffersonville, VT
    I touch myself – the divinyls

  123. Ayall Sagi Reply

    Ayall Sagi
    Dahinda, IL
    La Camisa Negra – Juanes

  124. bmo Reply

    Minturn, CO
    children of december – slip

  125. Patrick Reply

    Charlottesville, VA
    Traffic-Dear Mr. Fantasy

  126. marc Reply

    34 – Greensburg, PA
    takin care of business – BTO

  127. Matt Reply

    Matt – 23
    San Diego, CA
    Folsom Prison Blues – Johnny Cash

  128. Alan Reply

    Ithaca, NY
    25 or 6 to 4–Chicago

  129. Gregg Dalton Reply

    Monroe, CT
    Castles Made of Sand – Jimi Hendrix

  130. Gene Reply

    West Nyack, NY
    Doobie Brothers – “Black Water”

  131. Dan Cashen Reply

    trouble every day-frank zappa

  132. J.C. Gethicker Reply

    Age 32- Lime Lake,NY

    Hurdy Gurdy Man-Donovan

  133. Alan Reply

    Alan, Dayton, OH
    Cowtown – They Might Be Giants

  134. Sean Reply

    Seattle, WA
    Setting The Woods on Fire- Hank Williams

  135. Jesse Altman Reply

    Age – 23

    Hometown – Portland, Maine

    Song – The Final Countdown

  136. MarleyPhish Reply

    Fairless Hills, PA
    Cortez the Killer

  137. A Reply

    Ari Cohen- 27, Los Angeles
    Talking Heads- Drugs(electricity)

  138. Mike LaLima Reply

    Mike LaLima
    Babylon, NY
    Black Betty

  139. Trey Feldman Reply

    Trey Feldman
    Age 16
    YES – Roundabout

  140. Ryan Reply


    parliament “Dr. Funkenstein” = Gordo dropping bombs like the Enola Gay

  141. scottyg70 Reply

    Murawski is an endless fountain of guileless, sinewy and elegant guitar lines. So there.

    Scott G, 39, Ft. Wayne, IN

    “The Gates of Delirium” by YES would be an amazing choice to cover. Cactus might be able to hit the high notes if he gets out the nut vise.

  142. dan hobbs Reply

    loved seein mike’s band last time they played. i hope they head out west again.

    dan 37 san francisco

  143. Mickey Lyons Reply

    Mickey Lyons, 35, East Providence, R.I.

    I saw Mike and Leo Kottke in Cambridge on their first tour, loved it, met some Kottke fans that have seen him dozens of times but had never seen Phish, treid to convince them it would be worth their while to check them out, suggested some live CD’s. I always wondered if they did. Can’t wait to see this band as I’ve sort of slacked on seeing Mike’s solo projects with much regret, so I swore this time I wouldn’t let the opportunity slip by.

    I would love to hear Mike do some traditional bluegrass electrified, Hard Hearted Heartbreaker, any Flatt and Scruggs, or just him on banjo on Scott on acoustic, like Trey’s acoustic setbreaks, kind of like a bluegrass interlude between sets.

  144. Bryan W. Reply

    32, Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

    Cover “Hamburger Train” by Primus

  145. PGV Reply

    “Voices Carry” by ‘Til Tuesday. You’ve got a great band, Mike!

    Mike H., 35 years old. Portland, OR.

  146. dave Reply

    Dave Herman
    Montclair, NJ

    Roll with the Changes by REO SPEEDWAGON

  147. Jesse Reply

    Jesse F, East Northport, NY, 18

    Would love to see Mike pull out a softer Zeppelin song, so my request would be Thank You

  148. Jared Hess Reply

    Jared Hess, 27, Baltimore, MD

    Gordo should cover Canon in D Minor when he plays my wedding in November

  149. Jeremiah Reply

    Jeremiah D, 35, Atlanta, GA

    I would love to hear him tackle Squeeze’s “Cool for Cats.” Actually, my dream Phish Halloween cover has always been Squeeze’s “Singles 45s and Under”

  150. Jeff Klenske Reply

    Only in Dreams – Weezer

  151. Jonathan Wilson Luck Reply

    27 / Columbus, OH

    Catfish John – GD

  152. Josh N Reply

    Cambridge, MA
    My Friend Of Misery – Metallica (Mike could kill this tune!)

  153. Max Garcia-Rubio Reply

    Name: Max Garcia-Rubio. Age: 24 Hometown: Columbia, MO. Cover request: Moonlight on Vermont by captain beefgheart. “Somebodies leavin’ peanuts on the curbins For uh white elephant escaped from the zoo with love
    Goes t’ show you what uh moon can do
    Moonlight on Vermont.”

  154. Jeff S Reply

    Name: Jeff Stacey
    Hometown: Philadelphia
    Age: 24

    Mike’s band should cover White Wheeled Limousine by Bruce Hornsby.

  155. Josh Reply

    Josh, 25, New York, NY.
    Toto – Africa

  156. artur Reply

    art oczko
    topeka, ks
    age 34

    cover the theme from the TV show “The Fall Guy.”

  157. Kevin in Albany Reply

    Kevin Dayer
    age 46
    Albany NY
    Floyd’s “San Tropez”

  158. Panda Reply

    Stamford, CT
    Cover = Funkytown

  159. Alex R Reply

    Age 24
    Celebration – Kool & the gang

  160. Charles Briggs Reply

    Charles Briggs
    26 years young
    Bowling Green, KY
    They should cover Angel From Montgomery, the John Prine tune!

    Go hidden track!

  161. Jdubbs Reply

    “Whiter shade of pale” by procol harum
    would be whicked

  162. Al Reply

    By Hrart

  163. Glenn Wells Reply

    Glenn Wells
    53 (yep, whippersnappers)
    Baltimore, Maryland
    “Rumble” by Link Wray
    Gordo and Murawski will tear it up! See ya at Ram’s Head boys!

  164. Al Reply

    Ment to say Heart not Hrart but sounds like a Micky side project

  165. Eric Reply

    Eric Goldberg
    31 years too old
    Brooklyn, NY
    Should cover Razor Boy by Steely Dan

  166. Dan Carey Reply

    Dan Carey
    25 yrs old
    Easthampton, MA
    “Raggle Taggle Gypsy” – traditional Scottish folk song

  167. Donald Smith Reply

    Donald Smith
    32 years old

    MIKE should cover STAGE FRIGHT by THE BAND.

  168. thaddeus krueger Reply

    thad krueger
    24 years old
    nashville, tn
    “the real slim shady”
    by eminem

  169. Dave Below Reply

    David Below
    Dearborn, MI
    “Top Jimmy” by Van Halen

  170. Matt Mlay Reply

    Matt Mlay
    In Portland, ME
    From Asheville, NC
    They should cover “Hysteria” by Muse!

  171. desmond Reply

    piss up a rope

  172. rick Reply

    rick craig
    durango, CO

    my prerogative – bobby brown

  173. Rumple Stillskin Reply

    Stoughton, MA

    Achilles Last Stand

  174. Taylor Hall Reply

    Artist: Herbie Hancock
    Album : Flood
    Song : Chameleon

  175. Jason Fredericks Reply

    jason fredericks
    broomall, pa

    call me al…paul simon

  176. praveen Reply

    Praveen R.
    Cambridge, MA

    They should cover “Tiger Lily” by Luna!

  177. Laura Gintz Reply

    Laura Gintz
    Age: 27
    Hometown: Madison, WI
    Cover: Top Gun theme song

  178. jason williams Reply

    Jason Williams
    Albany, NY

    Mr Big Stuff by Jean Knight!

  179. Gus Reply

    gus perkins
    lincoln, MA
    i’ll have to second mr. big stuff, that song rocks

  180. Gus Reply

    gus perkins
    lincoln, MA
    about cell block #9 by jackie greene

  181. Jason Rivard Reply

    I think Mike Should cover more Quicksilver Messenger Service songs, like Bears.

  182. J. Delaney Reply

    J. Delaney
    Smithtown, NY
    Til I Die by The Beach Boys
    though would love to hear Max Creek’s Orange Sunshine

  183. ben silver Reply

    ben silver
    spokane, wa

    almost cut my hair—CSNY

  184. Tom Ceraulo Reply

    Tom Ceraulo
    New York, NY
    Syd Barrett’s “Dark Globe”

  185. Paul Reply

    shelburne, vt

    white light/white heat by the velvet underground

  186. Jeff Lonczak Reply

    29, Sherrill NY

    The Gnome, Pink Floyd

  187. Gary Reply

    26, Washington, D.C.

    The Free Credit Report song from the commercial as the guy dressed as a pirate.

    I’m just saying.

  188. Adam Zelevski Reply

    Adam Zelevski
    Carbondale, IL
    Steam powered aeroplane with mike on banjo

  189. Mike Lawrence Reply

    Mike Lawrence
    24 yo
    Portland, OR
    Song to cover: Les Claypool’s ‘Whamola’

  190. Ben Hicks Reply

    Ben Hicks
    Utica Ny

    sweet potato pie james taylor

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  192. pat Reply

    pat mcg, boston, 25, watermelon man

  193. John W Reply

    John W
    East Windsor NJ
    the police – walking on the moon

  194. Shane Praefke Reply

    Shane Praefke
    Lewiston, ny
    My name is mud by primus

  195. Tyler Norman Reply

    Tyler Norman
    Memphis, TN

    I Want you (she’s so heavy)-Beatles

  196. Brian Davis Reply

    Brian Davis
    Hanover, PA

    Steam Powered Aereoplane- John Hartford

  197. Anthony Costello Reply

    Anthony Costello
    Fire on high – ELO

  198. Jamie Cyr Reply

    East Hampton, CT
    –YYZ–by RUSH

  199. Josh Reply

    echoes – Pink Floyd

  200. Josh Reply

    Philadelphia, PA
    victor vito – Laurie Berkner

  201. Greg Hans Reply

    point pleasant, nj

    funky town

  202. Melissa Sverchek Reply

    point pleasant, nj

    flashlight, pfunk

  203. Matt Reply

    Matt K

    Rumble of the Diesel

  204. Scott Smith Reply


    Mike should cover The Changeling by THE DOORS

  205. Don Reply

    Mike should cover My Name is Mud Primus

  206. billyschools Reply

    Baltimore MD

    cover: Space Truckin by Deep Purple.

  207. Jeremy Reply

    Watertown, NY
    One better- Les Claypool

  208. Jason Reply

    Jason, 27
    Cudahy, WI
    Adult Education – Hall & Oates

  209. Tony Reply

    Tony 31
    Fayetteville, AR
    Yoshimi – The Flaming Lips

  210. Aaron Voght Reply

    age 28
    Johnstown, NY
    Emotional Rescue- Rolling Stones

  211. Matthew Ascone Reply

    Matt A
    Middletown, NJ
    Lithium – Nirvana

  212. Brewster Apollo Reply

    Brewster Apollo
    San Francisco, CA
    Lady Madonna – the Beatles

  213. Therese Reply

    Burr Ridge, IL
    Some Kinda Love- Velvet Underground

  214. Trip Reply

    california love- Tupac

  215. Evan Marx Reply

    Evan Marx
    Woodmere, NY

    Black Dog- Led Zeppelin

  216. Zasdert Reply

    Adam Rochelle
    moe. – “Timmy Tucker”

  217. Matt Malinconico Reply

    Matt Malinconico
    Hasbrouck Heights, NJ
    Primus “Tommy the Cat”

  218. Tucker Reply

    Birmingham, AL
    “Seven Nation Army” – White Stripes

  219. John Whipple Reply

    John Whipple
    Kennett Square, PA
    Elvis- Suspicious Minds

  220. Mike W. Reply

    Name: Mike
    Age: 19
    Town: North Royalton, OH
    Song to Cover: moe. – Jazz Wank

  221. Sam Martin Reply

    name: Sam Martin
    Age: 29
    City: SF, CA
    Cover Song: “Stir It Up” – Bob Marley

  222. Abbie Shadrick Reply

    Age: 36
    Town: Eugene, OR
    Cover: “Do It Any Way You Wanna” ~ People’s Choice

  223. McKenna Milburn Reply

    Song to cover: she don’t use jelly – the flaming lips

  224. Joe Reply

    “Sweet City Woman”

  225. Joe Reply

    31/manassas,va/”hell or canada” TBB

  226. crissie williams Reply

    Crissie Williams,37, atlanta

    i would love to hear them do Band on the Run!! 🙂

  227. Sam Soule Reply

    Name: Sam Soule
    Age: 28
    Town Seattle, WA
    Song to Cover: Ophelia

  228. Joe Lombardo Reply

    Name: Joe
    Age: 30
    Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

    I’d like to see them cover “Your House” by Jimmy Eat World.

  229. Elizabeth K Reply

    The Meters – Cissy Strut

  230. Mary Flaherty Reply

    name: Mary Flaherty
    Age: 28
    City: Buffalo, NY
    Cover Song: whiskey bar, the doors

  231. Lydia Mantis Reply

    How about a thumpin’ “The Other One”…yes, i would fly across the globe to hear that!

  232. Ron Reply

    Ron Cloutier
    N. Attleboro, MA
    Mike should cover “Setting the Boat Adrift” by Percy Hill!

  233. Jason Cameron Reply

    Name: Jason Cameron
    Age: 38
    City: Boston, MA
    Cover song: My Generation by The Who, love to hear Mike thump that bass line.

  234. Frankie Reply

    Francois Beaudoin
    Montreal, Quebec
    How about Pink Floyd’s Fearless!

    Have a great tour Mike! Thanks for the tunes!

  235. marcia cheney Reply

    marcia cheney
    age: 58
    city: vernon, n.y.
    cover song: brown eyed women, grateful dead

  236. Jud Chandler II Reply

    Name: Jud Chandler II
    Age: 25
    City: Vernon Center, NY
    Cover Song: Family Tradition, Hank Williams

  237. Heather Holberton Reply

    Ontario, NY
    cover song : you piss me off by david allen coe

  238. jon Reply

    name: Jon Shane
    Age: 29
    City: Minneapolis
    Cover Song: Idioteque – Radiohead

  239. Gina Kleiser Reply

    Name: G
    City: Hudson, WI
    Age: 28
    Cover: “Digging in the Dirt” by, Peter Gabriel!

  240. Todd Gauntt Reply

    Todd Gauntt
    Bend, Oregon
    “Rock Me Gently” by Neil Diamond

  241. KEN DAVIS Reply



  242. Pingback: Hidden Track » Listen To This: Mike Gordon Band Rehearsal |

  243. Daniel Campolo Reply

    Newark, OH

    Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots-The Flaming Lips

  244. Daniel Campolo Reply

    Newark, OH

    Yoshimi Battles The Pink robots-The Flaming Lips

  245. Starr Jernigan Reply

    45, Houton,Tx
    “Mr. Spaceman” – The Byrds

  246. andrew Reply

    FRICTION, by Television

  247. Pingback: Listen To This: Mike Gordon Band Rehearsal - Roll With It |

  248. Techno Reply

    2 live cru – me so horny

  249. Tim Proctor Reply

    Pittsburgh, PA
    Donovan – Mellow Yellow

  250. Diane Pollock Reply

    28, Helter Skelter, Cedar Rapids, IA

  251. richard tonge Reply

    there is no doubt about it…mike and his band should perform “ONCE IN A LIFETIME”

  252. richard tonge Reply

    there is no doubt about it…mike and his band should perform “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” by the Talking Heads. and mike should wear the big, crazy tuxedo a la David Byrne (and KERMIT THE FROG, for that matter) in the music video for the song.

  253. richard tonge Reply

    OK, this time I;ve got it right. my name is rich, i’m 38 from west seneca, ny. there is no doubt about it…mike and his band should perform “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” by the Talking Heads. and mike should wear the big, crazy tuxedo a la David Byrne (and KERMIT THE FROG, for that matter) in the music video for the song.

  254. Robert H Reply

    Troy. Is that where the rototiller is from too?

  255. Rebecca Margiotta Reply

    Mike and the Band should perform “Takin’ It to the Streets” and “Fortunate Son”

  256. JD Tolstoi Reply

    My name is JD Tolstoi, age 21, hometown Chester, Vermont. I’d love to hear Mike and his band cover Charles Wright’s “Express Yourself.”

  257. Rebecca Margiotta Reply

    Says contest ends March 3rd. NEXT March 3rd? Or are we really late? Cover Hey Jude.

  258. Mike LaFerney Reply

    The Moonbeam song by Harry Nilsson

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