Giveaway: Mike Gordon’s New Live CD

Mike Gordon, Scott Murawski, Tom Cleary, Todd Isler, and Craig Myers
10/3/2009 – The Town Ballroom, Buffalo, NY

Disc One – Set One

01) Can’t Stand Still
02) Sound
03) Pretend
04) Spiral
05) Nobody’s Home
06) Cities
07) Dig Further Down

Disc Two – Set Two

01) The Beltless Buckler
02) 15 Step
03) When The Cactus Is In Bloom
04) Couch Lady
05) Meat
06) Time For Loving Is Now
07) Emotional Railroad
08) Only A Dream
09) Taking It To The Streets

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260 Responses

  1. My name is Jeremy, I am 35, and my hometown is Pittsburgh, Pa (I currently live in Manhattan). I think Mike and his band should cover The Band’s Don’t Do It.

  2. Ben, 25, Great Neck, NY.

    I think we are due a Huey Lewis and the News cover, perhaps Power of love, or back in time.

  3. My name is Jim, I’m 49 and I live in Chesapeake, VA. I think Mike should cover Little Feat’s Teenage Nervous Breakdown.

  4. Name:Matthew
    Hometown: Lawrenceville, NJ
    Song to Cover: “You’re Gonna Get What’s Coming” by Robert Palmer

  5. Ryan, 26
    Bowling Green, KY (currently in Portland, OR)

    Mike should totally play “Cindy Tells Me” by Brian Eno.

  6. Julian, 31 – Memphis, TN

    “Coconut” by WSP… Goofy song that I think fits their tone. Show some love for your contemporary jam band peers.

  7. My name is Eric, I am 24. Hometown: Linwood, NJ (currently reside in Brooklyn) I would love to hear Mike Gordon Band should cover “Don’t Let it Bring You Down” – Neil Young.

  8. Jason P 31 Haskell, NJ
    Emotional Rescue would be the bomb, Mike killed the vocals when Phish covered it back in 97

  9. Mitesh Rana
    Yardley, PA
    Groove is in the Heart. Gordon in his silver pants and sunglasses looks almost exactly like Bootsy. All he needs is a sparkling cape and the transformation is complete

  10. Forgot to mention where I was from: Milwaukee, WI age = 28

    I think MGB should cover Legalize it – Peter Tosh

  11. Jerry, 32, New Haven, CT

    Sup Mike. I’d love to see you cover some Floyd. All of us out here want it and you got the doc with you to make it happen- how about Have a Cigar? or Pigs?

    hook it up, Gordo… Love the Mike Gordon Band!!!!


  12. Hey guys,
    Love the site,
    I think Paul Simon’s Late in the Evening with a bit of a bluegrass touch would be surreal. I think that Mike could hit that in a southern falsetto like a chief. Lets see it brother!

  13. Keith, 29, Baltimore, MD

    Here’s a really obscure song I’ve always wanted to see Mike cover:

    Shanty by Jonathan Edwards

  14. Joe V, 28, Scarsdale, NY

    Great site guys and looking forward to hearing this whether I get it for free or not! =)

    Either way, I’d love to see Cactus and his merry band of misfits cover “Walking on the Moon” by the Police. When I think of great basslines, I think of that tune.

  15. yo, Mike. How About “The National Anthem” by Radiohead. Loved your show in Cinci last time around! The Leonard Cohen was really killer.

  16. Marc S 38 in Des Moines, IA.

    Mike should continuing covering Emotional Rescue, but also toss in Metallica’s “Orion”. Epic.

  17. JB, 29, NYC, NY

    Mike Gordon Band should cover Lionel Richie’s “All Night Long.”

    We’re going to Party, Karamu, Fiesta, Forever!!

    Tam bo li de say de moi ya…
    Hey Jambo Jumbo…

  18. Tom Abdelnour, 23, Hartford, CT

    Cactus should cover “Don’t Worry About The Government”, by the Talking Heads.

  19. Ryan, 24, Rochester NH
    I was going to say Eminence Front by the Who, but Matt beat me too it. What about Lawyers Guns and Money by Warren Zevon?

  20. Josh, 22, Gainesville, Fla. via Jacksonville, Fla. Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago should get the Mike Gordon treatment.

  21. Jon Schroeder, 30, Charlottesville, VA

    In my dream world, Mike’s band would cover The Logical Song by Supertramp.

  22. Glad that cactus is able to balance between bands. Love Phish but am digging his stuff as well. Here’s to keeping it going for a long time.

  23. Murawski is an endless fountain of guileless, sinewy and elegant guitar lines. So there.

    Scott G, 39, Ft. Wayne, IN

    “The Gates of Delirium” by YES would be an amazing choice to cover. Cactus might be able to hit the high notes if he gets out the nut vise.

  24. Mickey Lyons, 35, East Providence, R.I.

    I saw Mike and Leo Kottke in Cambridge on their first tour, loved it, met some Kottke fans that have seen him dozens of times but had never seen Phish, treid to convince them it would be worth their while to check them out, suggested some live CD’s. I always wondered if they did. Can’t wait to see this band as I’ve sort of slacked on seeing Mike’s solo projects with much regret, so I swore this time I wouldn’t let the opportunity slip by.

    I would love to hear Mike do some traditional bluegrass electrified, Hard Hearted Heartbreaker, any Flatt and Scruggs, or just him on banjo on Scott on acoustic, like Trey’s acoustic setbreaks, kind of like a bluegrass interlude between sets.

  25. Jesse F, East Northport, NY, 18

    Would love to see Mike pull out a softer Zeppelin song, so my request would be Thank You

  26. Jeremiah D, 35, Atlanta, GA

    I would love to hear him tackle Squeeze’s “Cool for Cats.” Actually, my dream Phish Halloween cover has always been Squeeze’s “Singles 45s and Under”

  27. Name: Max Garcia-Rubio. Age: 24 Hometown: Columbia, MO. Cover request: Moonlight on Vermont by captain beefgheart. “Somebodies leavin’ peanuts on the curbins For uh white elephant escaped from the zoo with love
    Goes t’ show you what uh moon can do
    Moonlight on Vermont.”

  28. Charles Briggs
    26 years young
    Bowling Green, KY
    They should cover Angel From Montgomery, the John Prine tune!

    Go hidden track!

  29. Glenn Wells
    53 (yep, whippersnappers)
    Baltimore, Maryland
    “Rumble” by Link Wray
    Gordo and Murawski will tear it up! See ya at Ram’s Head boys!

  30. J. Delaney
    Smithtown, NY
    Til I Die by The Beach Boys
    though would love to hear Max Creek’s Orange Sunshine

  31. Name: Joe
    Age: 30
    Hometown: Ellicott City, MD

    I’d like to see them cover “Your House” by Jimmy Eat World.

  32. Name: Jason Cameron
    Age: 38
    City: Boston, MA
    Cover song: My Generation by The Who, love to hear Mike thump that bass line.

  33. Francois Beaudoin
    Montreal, Quebec
    How about Pink Floyd’s Fearless!

    Have a great tour Mike! Thanks for the tunes!

  34. there is no doubt about it…mike and his band should perform “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” by the Talking Heads. and mike should wear the big, crazy tuxedo a la David Byrne (and KERMIT THE FROG, for that matter) in the music video for the song.

  35. OK, this time I;ve got it right. my name is rich, i’m 38 from west seneca, ny. there is no doubt about it…mike and his band should perform “ONCE IN A LIFETIME” by the Talking Heads. and mike should wear the big, crazy tuxedo a la David Byrne (and KERMIT THE FROG, for that matter) in the music video for the song.

  36. My name is JD Tolstoi, age 21, hometown Chester, Vermont. I’d love to hear Mike and his band cover Charles Wright’s “Express Yourself.”

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