Lost Cubicle Chatter: The Lighthouse

The other pretty interesting quote came from Claire regarding Fake Locke, which suggests Claire’s relationship with the smoke monster, “That isn’t John… This is my friend!”

Lost An Hour of My Life Moment: Jack’s temper tantrum whereby he throws a fit and destroys Jacob’s mirror which serves as a portal into the lives of his candidates.

Overall: With all the talk going around that this week’s episode was meant to blow us out of the water, the visceral reaction to the Lighthouse episode was that of a total letdown fluff episode. In retrospect, I think it’s a creeper. In thinking back on the various topics, we learned a lot meaty details this stuff, like Jack having a son whose tumultuous relationship with his father mirrors that of Jack and his own father, Jack’s struggle to avoid being like his own father, a reveal on how Jacob monitored the candidates over the years via the lighthouse, and more on insane Claire and her infection. Overall, I’d give it a B-.

Discussion Points: Who is coming to the temple that Jacob wants Hurley to help find? If Jack is David’s father, who is the mother?

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  1. favorite line: “i just lied to a samurai, dude.”

    kinda cool the writers brough them back to the caves. jack is still/will always be a stubborn impulsive idiot. i would have liked them to play around more with the mirrors. who is coming to the island? widmore? desmond? mr. cluck’s chicken?

  2. I think it’s going to be Daniel Faraday coming to the temple. Flocke would be the most obvious choice, but Faraday was in the Season 6 premiere poster and he doesn’t have a place yet in this season. Why he is “bad” I have no idea, but it’s my hunch.

  3. More genius.. Love the setlists..

    So we didnt see who was candidate 4 right? Most likely Austin, but could be Faraday.. For Faraday to return he would have to take on a whole new ‘mission’.. The conflict now centers on the Jacob/Man in Locke battle – Faraday is a science guy and doesn’t seem interested in this war..

  4. I just had an interesting idea:

    So, most folks assume that Sayid is dead and/or that he was brought back to life at the temple by being inhabited by Jacob right?

    Wouldn’t that mean the same thing could have happened to Ben as a kid when Richard took Ben to the temple when he was nearly dead fro the gunshot wound? Hence, maybe Jacob inhabited Ben all those years? Would make sense as to why Ben was never allowed to meet Jacob, right?

  5. I’m thinking since in reality x locke is still with Helen, possibly David’s mother is Sarah? Also, i think that Desmond will be drawn back to the island via the lighthouse, I don’t think Faraday will be coming back to the island because he was killed in the 70’s island before the other reality kicked in. Also, with all the talk of Desmond being a “constant” last season, i feel its pretty likely Desmond will be the one coming to the island.

  6. I think Des will be back very soon. There’s too much unanswered with regard to Widmore to leave him out much longer.

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