The 2nd Annual Cover Wars: March Madness

Last Year’s March Madness tournament was a huge success. Fans of the bands involved got way into it, we had huge voting turnout, and overall it was a lot of fun for us here at HT as we looked back over the previous year’s editions of Cover Wars. To review, last year we started with 16 Cover Wars winners and our Final Four consisted of: Phish (A Day In The Life) vs. Sitting In Limbo (Garcia/Grisman) and Can’t Find My Way Home (Widespread Panic) vs. 50 Ways To Leave Your Lover (Mr. Blotto).

Mr. Blotto faced off against Garcia/Grisman in the Championship matchup, and Mr. Blotto was declared the winner of the whole thing. This year we’re doubling our effort and we will have 32 entries. For the few bands that have won multiple times over this past year, we will be forcing them to face themselves in the early rounds of the tournament.

March Madness Schedule:
03/09 – March Madness Round of 32
03/16 – March Madness Sweet 16
03/19 – March Madness Elite 8
03/23 – March Madness Final 4
03/30 – March Madness Finals

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