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Over the past 3+ years, we’ve been lucky to have a number of commenters that share their opinions often on the articles we post. One of those commenters is Johnny Goff, who usually posts a comment using some creative variation of his last name. Goff is promoting an event at Southpaw in Brooklyn on March 13 that features Big Gigantic, Sonkin, Beem and Deem, Electric Mayhem, DJ Kris and Sam Bell/David Kiss and wanted to giveaway three tickets to the event to his fellow Hidden Track readers.

As far as the bands, they all run on the livetronica end of things. Big Gigantic is a project put together by The Motet sax star/producer Dominic Lalli and drummer Jeremy Salken. These guys mix up the best elements of a DJ and a live band setup. Sonkin bills themselves as an integral part of the Northeastern dubstep/street bass community. The self-proclaimed Beam and Dreem recipe consists of 3 parts Electronica, 2 parts Trip-hop, 1 1/2 parts downtempo, a drop of dubstep, a hint of house, and ladle of electro.

This show was supposed to take place at 171 Lombardy, but the venue has been shutdown as described in a JamBase article about the show that spelled the end for the loft. Which bears the question, what is your favorite venue that has been shutdown/closed? Leave a comment of less than 100 words by 11:59PM on March 10th with an answer to that question for a chance to win three tickets to this show. Here’s your chance to bring a couple of friends to dance the night away to livetronica in Brooklyn.

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  1. The Georgia Theater. Moved up north from Athens, the moment I heard about the fire, I became very emotional. All the shows over the years I had seen there. And all the bands that made their name in that place. The Georgia music scene depended on that place and now it’s a memory. Very sad.

  2. tobacco road in nyc

    great vibe, very chill atmosphere, good drinks at good prices. a great place to meet up with friends even if you weren’t into the band playing, bar area had good enough sound you could talk with friends while still hearing music. great smaller local bands played here, mostly under $10.

  3. I used to really love the Knitting Factory (on Leonard St). Full-Club nights where you could move from floor to floor checking out different acts were great.. the front lounge, the tap bar.. good times

  4. It has to be the Wetlands. There is no NYC venue since the Fillmmore East that has had more of a cultural impact as an incubator of so many great acts and jam sessions. It was uncomfortable, hot and had bad sight lines, but the vibe was unmatched.

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