Friday Mix Tape: John Denver Afternoon

Don’t ask me how it happened, but somehow back in high school, my closest friends and I became massive John Denver fans. We only saw him play once live, but it was definitely one of my favorite sit-down shows to date and we listened to his music constantly. Maybe it was the endearing look & magnifying glasses, his incessant use of “far out,” the environmental activism, or perhaps that he was super tight with the Muppets? Nah, in actuality, it’s about the fact that he writes songs that make you want to go outside.

So, today we remember the late great John Deutschendorf with a smattering of favorites: a couple classics, a cover, a few you might not know, a funny Ohio diss, a mean Rocky Mountain High played live, and a duet of my all-time favorite JD song, Wild Montana Skies, with the lovely Emmylou Harris.

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