Allman Brothers Band @ United Palace – Night Four: Setlist and Recap

The Allman Brothers Band March Madness run continued tonight at the United Palace where the band played their fourth of eight shows in Uptown Manhattan. Once again, the evening was guest-less as the only sit-ins on the run so far were Susan on Friday night and Bruce Katz on Saturday night. The band delivered another varied setlist that didn’t rely on the big guns outside of a fierce Jessica that contained a nice jam on Will The Circle Be Unbroken

We followed the action live thanks to Moogis and the quality continues to improve with each passing show. There were no pauses or glitches this time around and the audio was so good you could hear the band talking to each other between songs. Let’s look at the setlist…

Allman Brothers Band
March 15, 2010
United Palace
New York, NY

Set 1: Hot’lanta, Can’t Lose What You Never Had, Trouble No More, Come & Go Blues, Rocking Horse > Little Martha Tease > Jam > Rocking Horse, Gamblers Roll, Only You Know & I Know, Kind of Bird, Statesboro Blues

Set 2: Melissa, Good Clean Fun, Black Hearted Woman>Other One Jam, The Weight, Every Hungry Woman, Jessica > Will The Circle Be Unbroken > Oteil Solo > JaBuMa > Jessica

Encore: You Don’t Love Me

The run continues tomorrow both on Moogis and at the United Palace.

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4 Responses

  1. March 15, 2010 show was a slight disappointment. The venue is a beautiful place but was empty. The sound on the floor after the double letter rows was very muffled. After the first set we moved up to the lower balcony row C which showed improvement in the sound but the versions played of certain song choices were not well done. The cancellation of the last show dates leaves you wondering. I will be back again Friday the 19th and will comment again on that show. Rumor last night was that Clapton would show but that never occurred.

  2. Saw the band last night (15th). A very, very good performance, with strong and creative playing by Warren and Derek, although pretty much a vanilla set. Both guitarists sound fantastic, with a range of “voices” and some new twists.

    The venue was wonderful, a marvelous, magical building, although the acoustics were not as good as the Beacon, and the balcony is huge. There were only two disappointments:

    1. The mix was terrible, with far too much bass and a great deal of distortion on the reamplification. On “Statesboro Blues”, you couldn’t hear Greg’s electric piano solo and his organ was barely audible on several other songs due to the overwhelming bass I love Oteil’s playing, but it was really too much (I was sitting in the 5th row, lower loge — should have been great sound.

    2. The venue would not let people go outside to get air (or smoke) during intermission. “All exits final” was the refrain. A far cry from the hospitality of the Beacon. Given the size of the crowd and the press of people in the lobby, it would have been nice to get some fresh air, and there is no reason why that could not have been accommodated with a hand stamp like every other venue. Andy Feltz — get it together — you have a great venue, don’t ruin it with ridiculous rules.

  3. Thanks for the reports guys. You’d think the guys at the UP would do everything they can to have a successful run.

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