Lost Cubicle Chatter: Recon

In  an effort to focus our attention on something besides Phish for a change, we’ve decided at HT headquarters to (hopefully) drum up some good chatter about the final season of the greatest television show in the history of the idiot box. Check in on Wednesday of every week  during Season 6 to share your thoughts, theories, complaints and assessments of the previous night’s episode. Big time SPOILER alert for anyone didn‘t watch yet.

Synopsis: As always, we teamed up with the Joker from Coventry for this week’s setlist and recap. Side note: Joker ran a reprint of his epic LOST/Phish Tees if anyone missed out the first time around. Check ’em out.

Geronimo Jackson, March 16, 2010

Set I: (On Island): Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me (1) Liar (2) > Zoo Station (3), Terrible Lie(4)> Crazy Mama (5), Deal (6)

Set II: (Off Island): Makisupa Policeman (7) First Date (8)> Take Me Home Tonight (9) > Family Picture (10), Mirror In The Bathroom (11), Little House On The Prairie Theme (12) > Sorry (13), Fugitive (14)

E: Yellow Submarine (15)

(1) U2; Claire and Kate with special appearance at end by Flocke
(2) Sex Pistols; Sawyer on vocals
(3) U2; Sawyer, teased by the band
(4) Nine Inch Nails; Kate and Flocke on vocals, Claire on Drums
(5) Rolling Stones; Kate and Flocke on vocals, Claire on Drums
(6) Grateful Dead; Widmore + Sawyer first verse, Flocke + Sawyer second verse
(7) Phish, Keyword: LaFleur
(8) Blink 182; Sawyer and Charlotte
(9) Eddie Money; Sawyer and Charlotte
(10) Donna The Buffalo, Unfinished; Charlotte
(11) English Beat; Miles and Sawyer
(12) Michael Landon was on LOST. Seriously.
(13) Stevie Wonder, Unfinished; Sawyer plays the saddest of all keys
(14) Merle Haggard; Miles and Sawyer w/special guest Kate
(15) Beatles; with alternate “Freckles” lyric, second Yellow Submarine encore in two shows

Epic One Liner of the Week: With Hurley out of the mix this week, we’re at a total loss, but I did laugh at Sawyer a little when informed Kate of his plan to escape and in his most pensive, “I take myself seriously” voice, he says “I don’t do errands from anyone.”

Lost An Hour of My Life Moment: While the double-crossing, pseudo-double crossing, and double crossing of double-crossers teetered the fine line of overdoing the episode’s good guy vs. bad guy theme, the most irritating element of this episode came via Zoe. I really wish they would stop introducing new characters. There’s now ten hours left in the entire show; it’s really time to stop bringing in randoms, even if they did used to be on Kate and Allie.

Overall: Who cares about this episode? Bring on the Richard Alpert show next week. Overall Grade: C-

Discussion Points: 1) What did you learn from Michael Landon about what happens to people when they die? 2) Is Hurley officially the most important character on the show, given that his absence this week led to easily the worst episode of the season? 3) How impressed were you by Charlotte’s aesthetic turnaround? 4) What are you looking forward to most about the Richard episode?

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4 Responses

  1. charlotte cleans up nice. much more attractive when there isnt blood coming out of her nose.

    i would watch a spin-off buddy cop show with sawyer and miles. i liked it.

    the michael landon/little house on the praire scene i think is important. too random of a thing for sawyer to watch for it not to be important. sawyer also had the comment “god has nothing to do with this” on the hydra island, though.

    Flocke’s convo with Kate was too cryptic to make sense now…but i have a feeling it will make a lot of sense on a season re-watch.

    BRING ON THE RICHARD ALPERT BACKSTORY!!! cant wait to find out details about how he got to the island, jacob, the black rock, the 3-toed statue, the temple…i just hope it wont be a letdown when the mystery is gone.

  2. agree with the meh-ness of this episode. Can’t wait for next week. FYI, I read somewhere that it will overrun by 6 minutes…so if DVR’ing, be sure to plan accordingly!

  3. Charlotte’s transformation was almost complete, but I guess fixing her teeth is a bit much, even for Lost’s alternative reality.

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