Jay Lane Quits Furthur For Primus

In a story first reported by Welcome to Now, Phil Lesh has confirmed that Jay Lane has left Furthur to re-join Primus. Phil took to the PhilZone message board this evening to explain the move…

“Over the past year, both Jill and I have come to know and love Jay for the great guy that he is. At the end of our tour he rode back on Bob’s bus and informed Bob that he had an opportunity to play drums with Primus. He and Bob discussed it, and they decided that the logical time to make the change would be after the birthday show. I only found out about this the day before the show; as their relationship goes back a long way, I told them both then that I support any decision they might make. I will miss Jay’s enthusiasm and ebullience; he’s a great guy to hang and play music with.”

Phil went on to answer a number of questions from fans in the thread and mentioned that both he and GD/Furthur band mate Bob Weir think that proceeding with one drummer – Sir Joe Russo – would be best. He also mentioned that we should keep our eyes on the Furthur website tomorrow for more information on the Furthur Festival. As for Jay Lane, he was an original member of Primus who left the band in 1989. He later joined up with the original Primus lineup in 1994 for an album released under the Sausage moniker. There’s been no official announcement from the Primus camp and there no confirmed Primus dates on the docket as of yet.

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  1. exactly Andrew…wondering the same thing.

    also, how far back does Bobby and Jay’s relationship go?

    I know they did some hip-hoppish stuff over dead tunes project thingy, but anything else besides that?

    Sir Joe can handle the load.

  2. Jay Lane has been playing with Ratdog since ’95. So I would imagine that him and Bobby are pretty tight.

  3. @Admiral French Pockets: Have you ever heard the Sausage album? I actually prefer that to any Primus album (and I LOVE the Primus albums). I’m excited to hear Jay back with Les. Maybe Primus’ll play Mountain Aire? I can dream.

  4. “So a Primus without Herb Alexander? Hmmmm….I’ll pass.”

    This is almost laughable, considering Lane was a founding member of Primus. And, let’s not dismiss Brain, who put in some fine work with the group. So, yea, Primus without Tim is still excellent.

    Great news! Can’t wait for a tour!

  5. Man, I really loved the Jay percussion thing w/ further, but realize that although Lane played for orig. Primus and Sausage, h was alos a KEY MeMBER of the Frog Brigade when they played the remarkable Animals tour, the following tour was the Snow Core and Lane was a KEY MEMBER of that, even singing “a little help from my friends”
    Tim/Herb is more progressive, Brain = Metalish, Lane is on the sam platau as Les
    So winner = Primus Loser = Further
    Bad move not letting MOLO join as the 2nd, maybe he is committed, I guess that the whole idea was to have Lane as Percussion a la Mickey in the 70s.
    and NO- LES dates will not become Primus, will not happen. I see dates in the Fall.

  6. I agree that Molo would be the go to guy. Obviously, Bill and Mickey are not part of it for reasons already determined.

  7. TImmy! Timmy! Timmy! Buckethead will thrash you.
    Primus=moshpit=lots of dirty hippies spittin teeth in Bridgeport, bitches. Jay Lane looked like a faggot in tie die long enough. Strap on yer pignose. Big ups, Bay Area Bangers! Timmy. TImmy. Rattle is Broken teeth in a medicine bottle. Hear the rattle, Timmy? TImmy>? TImmy!
    Tim meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!!!!!!

  8. Molo is full time with Moonalice.

    This jam band scene is getting to be like watching baseball in the late innings when the manager makes double switches.

  9. I wish the best to jay and everyone envolved its been a long strang trip that I would love to see forever!!piease keep the music and for all thr fake heads tahe your [email protected] junk follow someone else or be REAL,.rember its all about the funk not the [email protected] to all the real family,Possom

  10. “Bill and Mickey are not part of it for reasons already determined.” Sorry, guess I’m behind the curveball on this one as I never heard why B & M aren’t part of Furthur. Can someone enlighten me on this? Peace & Thanks.

  11. He’s better off. Love him on the kit w/ Ratdog but w/Further he seemed lost in a world of make believe. I’ll miss his energy but not his creepy vibe. Can’t wait to see Russo shine in the spot light.

  12. Hope he goes w/ Ratdog when they go back on the road. He and Bobby are the only original members of the Dog. Saw Furthur in Miami and Orlando. Best post-Jerry band ever. (disclamer: yeah, it’s just my opinion )

  13. But why Primus did not make an official announce that Tim Alexander is out,and why they make this change in lineup…

  14. Wow, It surprises me how many people on this forum actually think they know what they’re talking about. Jay Lane is THE original drummer of Primus and props to him for going back to his roots. He’s not a percussionist (though he can fill the part just fine if duty calls) He’s a drummer. A Drummer with amazing an amazing prestigious career including everything from Hip Hop, Jazz, Funk, and Alternative that no one on this site can seem to acknowledge. It’s easy to cast stones when you don’t do your research… and please know, there is life outside of Phil and Bob.


  15. Great comment Drumgal! I just found aout primus is comingo to Argentina for the first time and it will be with Jay Lane. I just know Primus with Tim Alexander and the Brain, so I’m excited to know Jay Lane and Live!

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