Crowded House Preps LP For June Release

Longtime Hidden Track readers might recall watching me fall in love with the music of Crowded House after catching the power popsters at the Masonic Lodge in NYC way back in 2007. The album that the band was supporting that tour, Time on Earth, still gets tons of play on my iPod and I have no qualms declaring it one of my favorite albums of the ’00s.

For the past two years all has been quiet in Crowded House-land, but that lull is coming to an end with the news that the band has prepped a new album, Intriguer, for release outside of North America this June. The Neil Finn-led band will return with the same lineup for a ten-track LP that was produced by Jim Scott and Finn. I caught the group’s last NYC shows in 2008 during which time they unveiled a number of new post-Time On Earth tracks. No word yet on whether those tunes made the cut.

While Billboard’s article about the band’s upcoming release and record deal with Universal Music discusses the release of Intriguer outside of North America, there’s scant details about the album’s North American release. Considering Crowded House plans to tour North America this July, we do expect the album to hit stores by that time. If you know me, you know I’ll keep you updated on Intriguer and the Summer Tour.

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  1. That is entirely too awesome. Agreed on the fact that Time on Earth was such a great CD. Looking to see what they have cooked up next.

  2. This is such great news. The new songs they played at the end of the last US tour were excellent. I hope they are on the new CD. I marvel at how Neil Finn has kept such an extraordinary standard over the last 25 years. Crowded House should be so huge in the US.

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