Lost Cubicle Chatter: Ab Aeterno

Epic One Liner of the Week: I laughed for a good two minutes after what sounded exactly like a Telemundo channel lip-sync by Hurley. I thought I heard him say something to the effect of “No se el contrato,” which means “I don’t understand the contract,” but alternatively, I came across another more detailed explanation on the interwebs that stated, “Yo quiero hacerlo. Sí yo te puedo ayudar pero no se como encontrarlo si no sé pa’ donde se fué.” This means, “I want to do it. Yes, I can help you, but I don’t know how to find him since I don’t know where he’s gone.” Later we learn he was actually communicating with Richard’s (very) late wife, Isabella.

Lost An Hour of My Life Moment: There’s not much to complain about this week. If anything, there’s almost too much to feast on for just one hour. As much as the on-island / off-island dual realities have been a great touch this season, it was great to have a plain-old gripping narrative episode. If you pull my leg, where was Whoopi Goldberg  for that dairy farm ending?

Overall: This one might just go down as the Big Cypress or the of Lost episodes. Folks have been speculating about afterlife theories since essentially day one of the show, but five minutes in, Richard came right out and said it, “We’re in hell.” Gadoosh. Well, later we learn that it’s not exactly hell, but rather the cork that holds evil at bay, or the gateway to hell – as told via Jacob’s wine bottle metaphor – but still Lost dropped some bombs dropped this week. A lot of the material here continued the teeter-totter around which character, Jacob or MIB, is really evil incarnate and the biblical material came on a little thick, but we haven’t had one of these utterly mind-blowing episodes in a while. Overall: A

Discussion Points: Do you remember why the name Hanso (as in Magnus) sounds so familiar? When MIB said Jacob betrayed him and took his body and his humanity, did you take this literally? We learned about how the four-toed statue got dismantled, but how did it get there in the first place?  What good is a cork if the bottle is broken?

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  1. Man.. what a bizarre, but compelling episode.. While completely different episodes, watching “Ab Aeterno” left with the same feeling that watching “Expose” did.. Like I wasnt watching LOST, but a weird version of the show..

    I don’t think Isabella was the real ghost of Isabella, but Jacob taking the form of.. If it was her and ghosts either have free reign or can be invited by Jacob to travel to this “hell” then that’s ghey..

    Re: Whoopi Goldberg.. I was thinking the same thing; Hurley stroking the face of Alpert – does that make me gay?

  2. Great set list. Loved the episode, and agree it was nice to take a break from the sideways story line for a week. To BT: I considered that Jacob could be taking the form of Isabella at the end, but Hurley has seen ghosts on-Island before in the form of his “friend” Dave and I think others. Hurley is obviously a big piece in this puzzle….looking forward to an ep focused on him this season.

  3. Hanso was the captain of the boat, no?

    Anyways, awesome episode. Man in Black gets worse and worse every episode.

  4. Hanso is a bunch of things, but the big one is the Hanso Foundation that funded Dharma. There was a period back in season 2 or 3, where they has this super trippy website where you could crack all these crazy clues via Sprite commercials. It was sort of gimmicky marketing, but also sort of fun.

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