Bloggy Goodness: Universal To Lower Prices

With iTunes and other digital vendors selling music cheaper than traditional retail outlets, the sales of physical CD have plummeted in recent years. Looking to curb that trend, Universal Music has announced plans to sell new releases to for $10 or less in an effort to help revive the seemingly dying format. The new initiative has no official start date yet, but consumers can expect prices to be between $6 – $10. Too little, too late?


Finally, for those of you that have been waiting for the worlds of indie-rock and horse racing to finally collide, I’ve got some news for you as this year’s Kentucky Derby will feature a horse named Radiohead. The current 20-1 shot, English-bred horse is gaining a considerable amount of attention as a favorite after winning a race of three-year-olds in Florida’s Gulfstream Park last month and is being compared to 2008 Derby winner Big Brown, so don’t be surprised by the line off skinny jean wearing hipsters  slugging back Mint Juleps with Tecate Tall Boy chasers at your local OTB come race day.

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  1. Radiohead finished 9th in one of the key Kentucky Derby Preps help this past Saturday (Florida Derby).

    Currently, he sits 17th on the money list ( which technically gets him into the starting gate (top 20 get in) as of now, but in no way assures him a spot since there are several more races that could easily knock him out….

    What’s the “20-1” all about? Where are you getting that number and what is he 20-1 to win? He’s actually 100-1 to win the Derby right now….and more like 50-50 to even get in to the Derby.

    Updated Derby Odds:

    That is your daily Derby update as far as Radiohead is concerned.
    DR in SF,CA

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