Cover Wars March Madness: Championship

Phish – The Ballad of Curtis Loew
Audio: 3-14-1993
Video: 5-31-2009

Voting for this round is open until Monday at 11:59PM EDT.

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11 Responses

  1. Not only was Cutis Loew a huge bust-out… but it was really well played! I also love Destiny Unbound from this show…

  2. Awesome match-up here, but without a doubt in my mind…this should go to Pgroove. Not only do they perform “This Must Be The Place” to the T (and better than the TH IMO) but I think that they also drive the energy up of any show that it’s performed.

    I love Phish, but Curtis Lowe isn’t really a energy boosting song, other than the energy that comes along with a bust out. Naive Melody is a tune that brings the crowd together and the way that it’s delivered by Butler can sometimes bring goosebumps to everybody in the room.

  3. i voted for pgroove/this must be the place…if we were voting for best band my vote would be different, but deciding on these songs- i love the performance of the talking heads classic

  4. better than the talking heads? oh spacey you sooooo crazy.

    pgroove should win this one in any event, but better than the talking heads is just boulderdash!

  5. If I were voting on my favorite song of the two, it goes to Naive Melody, no doubt. When it comes down to who performed the song better, it goes to the boys from Vermont. It’s a toss up but I’m going with who played it better.

  6. P groove ought to win this one, however, picking curtis loew out of all the songs phish has covered is fairly weak. how about putting 2001(also sprach zarathrustra) up or rock and roll. something in their regular rotation, or I’d just say anything from 10-31-96 or 11-2-98. just a thought, love curtis loew but phish has done way better

  7. Cory – This isn’t a competition of which band does the best cover out of all the covers in their repertoire. Every week we post a Cover Wars column where we ask our readers to vote on which band does a particular cover best.

    For this tournament, we put 32 Cover Wars winners from the past 12 months against each other. Curtis Loew happened to be one of the covers we featured in Cover Wars and our readers have voted this cover into the finals.

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