Televised Tune: On the Tube This Week

The sweet sounds of Zooey Deschanel and M Ward’s She & Him can be found on the Jimmy Kimmel Show tonight with the pair fresh off their recent tour. The band will play two shows in California – Pomona and Coachella – before heading to Europe in late April. If you don’t like their retro-pop sound, mute the TV and tune in for the adorable Deschanel.

Monday, April 5 [all times Eastern]

  • Jools Holland: Radiohead [Ovation 11AM]
  • Kurt Cobain: The Last 48 Hours of Kurt Cobain [Ovation 1PM]
  • Joe Strummer: The Future is Unwritten [Sundance 3:20PM]
  • Jimmy Kimmel: She & Him [ABC 12:05AM]
  • Carson Daly: Arctic Monkeys (R) [NBC 1:35AM]

Tuesday, April 6

  • Jools Holland: Van Morrison, Wilco [Ovation 11AM]
  • Elvis Costello: Live in Memphis [VH1 Classic 1:30PM]
  • Foo Fighters: Storytellers [Palladia 4PM]
  • The Wetlands: Wetlands Preserved [Sundance 9PM]
  • Jay Leno: Slash [NBC 11:35PM]

Wednesday, April 7

  • Kings of Leon: MTV Live [Palladia 10AM]
  • LL Cool J: Life & Rhymes [Palladia 5:30PM]
  • Yusuf Islam: A Few Good Songs [Ovation 8PM]
  • Weird Al Yankovic: Biography [BIO 8PM]
  • Motley Crue: Behind the Music Remastered [VH1 Classic 9PM]

Thursday, April 8

  • Hank Williams, Jr.: Biography [BIO 9AM]
  • Kris Kristofferson: Biography [BIO 2PM]
  • NY77: The Coolest Year in  Hell [VH1 Classic 3PM]
  • Judas Priest: Behind the Music Remastered [VH1 Classic 5PM]
  • Johnny Cash: Johnny Cash’s America [BIO 9PM]

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