Open Thread: Phish Midwest Presales

Tickets for a few summer Phish shows in the Midwest will be available through presales this morning. Best of luck to those trying for tickets. Let us know how it goes by leaving a comment at the end of this post.

Thursday (April 1):
10AM (EDT): Presale For Deer Creek1, Presale For Deer Creek2
10AM (CDT): Presale for Chicago, Presale for Alpine1, Presale for Alpine2,

Deer Creek Password: WTTSPHISH
Alpine Passwords: PHISHAVMT or GUITAR or POPSTAR [via @cjyohe]
Chicago Password: SUMMER

Note: Clicking on the links to Ticketmaster above gets us a commission. If you appreciate what we do and want to support the sites, please use the links above to get to Ticketmaster. Thanks!

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3 Responses

  1. i support hidden track and YEMBlog getting commissions, but do you have to get them from ticketbastard?

    will this ruin your independence to talk about TBs anti-competitive and monopolistic practices? their unfair “convenience” charges?

  2. The commissions come through a third party ( There’s no correlation between what we’re free to say and the fact that we’re trying to take money out of Ticketmaster’s pocket and into ours.

    Also, plenty of sites use these affiliate links (Brooklyn Vegan, Consequence of Sound), why can’t we try to make a few bucks from this method as well?

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