Review: snoe.down 2010 @ Killington

moe. opened their first set with guitarist Al Schnier’s narrative Mexico which lately has skipped the funny (“Badges, we don’t need no steenkin’ badges!”) in order to keep the tune rolling. A tight Captain America led vocally by bassist Rob Derhak followed, before guitarist Chuck Garvey launched into an unusually early-in-the-weekend Four. If the first set tendered more family-friendly songs, the second set was about to unleash the more raucous and rocking segue of the weekend: Water > Bearsong > Hector’s Pillow > Timmy Tucker. Other second set highlights were the sentimental Raise A Glass opener; the rare sea shanty Cape Cod Girls; and an accelerated curfew-making Spine of a Dog.

Day two brought moe. to the base of Bear Mountain, Killington for a free ten-song afternoon set which launched into the appropriate St. Augustine, Not Coming Down and Happy Hour Hero. Remarkably warmer than the 2006 snoe.set at Lake Placid’s Whiteface Mountain, the band ditched the fingerless gloves this year for individual heat lamps. Fans had no problem keeping warm by jumping along to the set closer, Sensory Deprivation Bank.

Unlike the afternoon set, Saturday night’s show literally brought the heat to the sold-out Spartan Arena. The first set saw the reappearance of covers like The Meter’s Cissy Strut which was the meat of a Stranger Than Fiction sandwich, and an encore of Little Feat’s Willin’.

The culmination of the weekend was a special acoustic set for VIP ticketholders at the intimate and wooden-beamed, Wobbly Barn. Brunch was served and a special “pig can fly” intro was sung by the band’s kids during Buster. Other highlights included Salt Creek, Shake Your Hips and Meat.

moe. continues to prove that they know how to throw a party and bring their fans and family together. On tap for Memorial Day weekend is the band’s annual Summer Camp in Chillicothe, IL, followed by a new home for moe.down over Labor Day weekend (this year at Gelston Castle), and next January’s first-ever Tropical Throe.down which is taking place in the Dominican Republic.

Here’s more of Tammy’s fantastic photos from snoe.down…

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