Friday Mix Tape: The Best Of Q1

You know what really grinds my gears? People that obnoxiously state that there is “no good music these days”. I say to these people, you’re doing it wrong and you’re lazy. Say what you want about the music on the radio, but we’re three months into 2010 and I was hard pressed to select only eight stellar tunes from albums released thus far this year.

In the first two slots for my playlist are albums I discovered in the same week, I listened to back-to-back for two weeks straight – and as such will forever be associated with each other in my mind. In the leadoff spot is the first track Excuses from The Morning Benders Big Echo. Next we have Silver Soul from Beach House’s Dream-Baroque-Pop album Teen Dream. While I still haven’t fallen in love with Gorillaz Plastic Beach, I do really dig Some Kind Of Nature which features Lou Reed. MGMT’s Flash Delirium from their upcoming Congratulations release wouldn’t have been my track selection if there were other tracks available on lala. OK technically maybe this album isn’t Q1 as it’s set to be released April 13th, but it’s been leaked and streaming for weeks now.

David Vandervelde’s Learn How To Hang is not only a great tune, but I was most excited when he released this EP because it meant he was back on the music scene after disappearing for a little too long for my liking. I’m not crazy about Yeasayer’s sophomore effort Odd Blood, but I cannot get enough of the Tears For Fears vibe of I Remember. Similarly, not sold on Broken Bells self-titled debut, but find myself rocking the fuck out to the album opener The High Road. And finally we’ve got Owen Pallet (formerly known as Final Fantasy) and his track Midnight Directives from his early 2010 release Heartland which is a great listen from start-to-finish.

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2 thoughts on “Friday Mix Tape: The Best Of Q1

  1. P2G Reply

    “You know what really grinds my gears? People that obnoxiously state that there is “no good music these days”.”


  2. Ryan D Reply

    Seriously, I think it’s the exact opposite. There’s too much good music these days. It’s hard to keep up with it all.

    Great mix Dave.

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