Video: Dr. Dog – Stranger

Last week Philadelphia’s own pyschedelic pop-rockers Dr. Dog released their latest and quite possibly their greatest album yet – Shame, Shame. To celebrate the release the band stopped by Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and turned in their killer performance the album’s lead track Stranger…


Dr. DogStranger

Dr. Dog will kick off a lengthy cross-country tour on tonight at Lee’s Place in Toronto, while we’ve got May 15 circled and starred on our calendar when they hit New York’s Terminal 5 with Deer Tick opening the night!

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  1. Oops. That has to be a record of some kind. Your post went up at 10:00AM, and at 10:07AM the video has been removed from YouTube by NBC Universal. Though I suspect you scheduled this post in advance, when the video actually worked.. ah well 🙂 See you May 15th.

  2. thanks for pointing that out, yes we do schedule ahead of time and last i checked that video hadn’t been pulled down, but found another version and it’s up for your viewing pleasure.

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